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Monday, January 14, 2008

Musical Musings: Pescador de Hombres

Pescador de Hombres, a love song to Jesus from one of the fisher-disciples who answered his call, is one of the most popular songs at Spanish masses, is definitely a personal favorite. It will be sung at many parishes especially as we move into this brief burst of Sundays after Epiphany/Ordinary Time and reflect on our own call to discipleship. I was delighted to find not one, but two YouTube music videos of the song. The first, with conventional but moving graphics, is a very traditional reflective version of the song.

I can't wait to show my kids (who love this song during bedtime prayers) the second, which is a rocked-out version as I have never heard it done before.

OCP, which has a plethora of excellent Spanish and bilingual resources at its website, has a cd of music from Spain which includes this title track, as well as an accompanying songbook. As with all of its offerings, you can click to listen to a brief sample of each song on the cd, making purchasing a low-risk option.

OCP also offers an MP3 download and sheet music for a bilingual version of the song.

You can spend a lot of time choosing your own favorites from their alphabetically arranged bilingual section, but I will highlight a few more to get you started. All have songbooks available along with the cds.

For Anglo communities wishing to branch out a bit, an excellent starter cd and songbook is the thoroughly bilingual Cantemos Unidos/United in Song. It contains bilingual versions of both Spanish classics like Alabaré, Entre tus Manos, and El Viñador and as well as English traditional and contemporary ones (Amazing Grace side by side with Here I Am, Lord and I am the Bread of Life).

Another very accessible and ecumenical collection is the bilingual collection of psalm settings, Cantaré Eternamente/For Ever I Will Sing. Volume I contains psalms for Advent, Christmas, and Ordinary Time, so you might want to start with Volume 2 which covers Lent, Triduum, and Easter.

Well, that's only the C's so I will stop lest I overwhelm you--or be here happily listening all night....Happy hunting!


  1. Laura...we sang this at Mass this morning (an obvious choice given the Gospel for this first day of ordinary time), and having already read your post, I enjoyed it all the more.


  2. We have sung this in my congregation, but not the rockin' version. Thank you so much for sharing this and the resources- I have a course in which I am planning a Holy Communion with Infant baptism service in which the family is Hispanic, and the congregation predominantly not so. I have trying to gather as many resources as possible to consider.


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