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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday Prayer

God of Mystery, God of Wonder, we give you thanks that wherever we travel, wherever our spiritual beings are bold to go, you are with us. Your presence is like a beacon in the night as we make our way through the joys and sorrows of living this human existence.

We thank you God for leading and guiding us by your Spirit’s presence. May we be vigilant about listening for your still small voice nudging us along the path of faithfulness. Help us to discern when we are listening to you and when we are listening to the desires of our own hearts. Help us to know when these two are one and the same.

Let our inner Light, which comes only from you, shine into the needs and yearnings of the day. God, be with all who are in need of your grace today. Bring strength, comfort and joy to the hearts of the most downtrodden. Bring peace into our world, food for the hungry and freedom to the captives. And in every way that we are able, make us bearers of your Good News, that your light may shine through us as it shone through Jesus who taught us to pray…


  1. sue, thank you for this prayer today.

  2. Thanks for the prayer - celebrating my ordination anniversary today. I love to watch the stars - in Wyoming we have much less light so the stars are easier to see. Some nights I feel like I could fall off the earth into them.

  3. Sue, thank you, this prayer truly ministered to me today.


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