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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday Festival - end of January edition

It's the last Wednesday in January - and the last one before Ash Wednesday - Epiphany has gone by with a Whoooooosh - but not until we have one more Wednesday Festival. On with the show.

Well, we just celebrated 100 days of school, but Quaker Pastor is celebrating her 100th post! Go celebrate with her!

Here is a post about Inner Dorothy's recent MRI for my chronic daily headaches. Thanks to everyone who prayed that day. It turned out that she channelled by partner's deceased Grandmother and sang her way through it with some favourite old hymns. They always work, don't they?

Here's a graphic of one of Leah's texts she did a while back; in the midst of everything she's trusting this verse.

Pictures of a sunshiny, snowy day in Chicago is a dose of medicine for those who find gray days gloomy. Check Shawna's picture out here.

Sally's son, Christopher, shares his story from his perspective, and it made his Mom cry. She shares it with you here.

You can continue Wednesday festival in the comments. Post a direct link to your blog entry in your comment using the following formulation:
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  1. You can read about my personal art saga here id you like.

    Bonus: The Indigo Girls on video!

  2. I've got a young-adult-child mystery!
    Come take a guess. I can't guarantee I will ever find out the answer, but if I do and there was a right guess from my blog, I'll send a prize to the winner!

    If it remains a mystery, I'll send a prize to commenter with the FUNNIEST guess.

  3. Since there were no Lectionary Leanings yesterday can I put a link here today on that topic? I hope everyone is OK, especially the leaders of that discussion. (Just don't want to break "rules" or step on toes since I'm new-ish here.)

  4. Jorge and I are in a video together here. Um. We're not stoned, I promise.

  5. She Rev - share your link with us - I bet you get a few folks who would like to see what you had to say!

  6. OK. Here are my thoughts from Monday and Tuesday about the Transfiguration passage. Right now they're a little "dark" for the "light" of the story, but I know there's good news here, too. I've just been dwelling in and fleshing out the predicament/tendency we have as people of faith first.

    (Whew - - took me forever to find directions on how to make that link!)

  7. Just a note in answer to the question about this week's postings: this blog is entirely run by volunteers, and there are times when the calendar does not run smoothly.
    For our ring members: if you are interested in being a poster to the group blog and would be able to commit to a regular schedule, send me an email and I'll let you know when we have openings.
    Meanwhile, it's always okay to link to anything you're blogging about in this Wednesday Festival thread, and here are my lectionary posts from this week: on Matthew, on Exodus and on 2nd Peter.

  8. No Tuesday and one of the most difficult texts to preach about with anything new. Here are my initial thoughts on Transfiguration. Lots of interesting pix of Transfiguration on a google image search. here, here,
    here (probably not but may be what is in the kids' minds), here and here.

  9. Thanks, Songbird. I understand the volunteer piece. I was trying to word things delicately since I knew that. I am SO grateful for you folks who minister in this way as leaders. I mentioned in my actual blog I was praying for yesterday's ladies, but I see I forgot to put there here. I hope it was just calendar issues that got in the way and not something more serious. Thanks to you all!

  10. I finally managed to blog about my resignation as pastor. Here it is.


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