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Monday, February 04, 2008

Meet and Greet: the Mardi Gras Edition


Come on everybody, let's party! It's the Mardi Gras Edition of Meet and Greet - so don your beaded necklaces and dancing shoes and parade on over and Greet these new blogs:

Fringe Dweller:
I am an Icon Writer, Wife, Artist, Ordinand in the Anglican Church in New Zealand. I am fascinated by the faith journey, entranced by the Desert Mothers and love seeing how faith is played out in popular culture.

I'm always working with words: sermons and fiction, mainly, and sometimes just trying to process life on a page. I'm a Presbyterian clergywoman with a husband, two almost-grown daughters, and an urge to travel. So how do I end up with my seat in a chair most mornings, typing? I've completed two novels about a clergywoman, and now she's looking for a home, while I branch off into writing some non-fiction about recent pilgrimages to Israel and Jordan.

Then dance on over and Greet CPClergymamma:

Where to you blog?
Can a Texas Bluebonnet bloom in Tennessee.

What are your favorite non-revgal blog pal blogs?
I don't read any non-revgal pal blogs. I know I should, but the revgal pals are just too interesting!

What gives you joy?
Hearing babygirl (my 3yrd old daughter) say I love you and say her prayers. Feeling the littleone-to-be move around. Praying with others. and of course, West Texas!

What is your favorite sound?
babygirl's laughter.

What do you hope to hear once you enter the pearly gates?
perhaps a version of p!nk's "Let's get this party started."

You have up to 15 words, what would you put on your tombstone?
"Life's like a box of chocolates; and cpclergymama was allergic to chocolate!"

Write the first sentence of your own great American novel.
"A girl can really breathe out hear." she thought as she looked out over the rim of the yellow house canyons..

What color do you prefer your pen?
Black on notebook paper, blue on checks

What magazines do you subscribe too?
denominational mag and Parents (I've been meaning to subscribe to REV or some other minister's mag, but have not yet.)

What is something you want to achieve this decade?
get my PhD, of course that requires deciding what I want my PhD in and where to go in the next decade!

Why are you cool?
no, not even a little bit sadly, but I am married to a Jazz guitarist, so perhaps a little cool by association?

What is one of your favorite memories?
One of my favorite memories is perhaps not the "nicest" memory. I was 13 and my grandmother had just married a "southern gentleman" who thought women were possessions. He was not a fan of the idea of getting a granddaughter who wanted to be a pastor. We were on a trip to Vicksburg and we stopped at a tourist spot to get a map. He was flirting with the women behind the counter, offering to swim the mighty Mississippi for them, etc. and I was really mad that he would do that in front of his new wife. So I told him that I didn't think he was very respectful of his wife or to those women. He hurried me out the door, then he grabbed my arm and lead me towards the van saying "Watch yourself girl, your still young enough to be pinched." I turned, looked him in the eyes and said "Try it , old man, and you'll draw back a bloody stump!"

As you can guess our relationship over the past 16 years has been strained at best. I'm not really proud of the rudeness, but I am proud that I stood up for myself to a man, something I still have a hard time doing.

Any other question you've always wanted to be asked?
Well, I've always wanted to be asked if I would like a million dollars (yes please); If I would like to go on a mission trip to some exotic, mosquito free area (double yes); and if I would move back to Texas (in a heartbeat!)

So, let's get THIS party started! Thanks CPclergymamma!


  1. oooh ... love the line ending "allergic to chocolate!" Thanks

  2. Welcome Everyone!

    Happy Mardi Gras!

  3. A huge welcome from here, too--HAPPY Mardi Gras, everyone!

  4. Welcome! I checked out each of your blogs and although I couldn't think of anything to say I got something out of each one. Looking forward to reading more.

  5. Welcome to all! This a great meeting place.


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