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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wednesday Fast-ival: Ashes

Photo from Journey with Jesus

I learned in a recent sermon that the opposite of a Feast day in the church is a Fast day. Those of us observing Ash Wednesday as the beginning of Lent today are definitely in the Fasting mode, but in the spirit of "Rend your hearts, and not your garments," the Wednesday round-up proceeds!

First of all - please keep Lorna and her family in your prayers. They are having a crisis and need our support.

On the thankstivings front, Katherine (KEWP) at Any Day a Beautiful Change is a mamma of a week old baby girl! Go over and greet the beauteous little Juliette!

Gallycat is back, hooray! She has a new blog home, so update your friend lists! She is now at And check out her recent post on change, and redeeming it!

Leah Sophia ("in Rainland," as she says) submits two new graphic designs based on passages from Isaiah: sing, heavens; shout earth from Isaiah 44:23
and streams in the desert from Isaiah 35:6-7

Christine at the Abbey of the Arts invites us to another Poetry Party! I'm on my way!

Jeff at POC has a Big Serious Lenten Blogging Experiment going on. Add this to your Favorites!

Sally has a YouTube video to share: What would you say to the Grey Man? She is also tired of defending her call on the basis of gender...can we get a witness? (And the people said, AMEN!)

Reverendmother (with another beauteous little one in arms) wants to know your tips for organizing your life and ministry! Check her out here.

And you, what are you doing, praying, writing today? What is your Lenten observance, or is there one? Share in the comments, and if you link to your post we will be sure to come and visit you!

To do so, use the following formulation:
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  1. This is a little off topic, but I'm in need of some help. I'm having to cancel my reservation for the cruise and am trying to contact my roommate. Alexandra, please email me at astewart0925 at gmail dot com.
    Also, if there is anyone who wanted to go on the cruise but didn't get signed up in time, contact me as well and I'll try to get you in my spot. Otherwise my roommate will be forced to pay for a single room instead of a double. So very very unfair!

  2. The BIG storm predicted for our area started promptly at 7am. So did my first Ash Wed service. (hey, we had 3 people including me, my husband, one brave parishioner)...No one came to the 9am (blizzard like wind and snow outside, school cancelled)...I bet no one will come to the 7pm...but still I have to come back here, just in case...


    I am however praying for those who lost their lives in the tornados yesterday, part of the same storm hitting us - may they rest in peace and may God comfort those who mourn...

  3. At my place you can join me on an ongoing exploration of scary Christian websites, see my vacation photos and learn about a possible new addition (of the four-legged variety) to the LutheranChik household.

    Meanwhile, I might be giving up lists of Lenten resolutions for Lent. [rueful grin]

  4. I'm disappointed that weather will cancel our church service, but shared some Ash Wednesday thoughts here.

  5. I will have something I wrote previously up for Ash Wednesday.

  6. THANKS for all your prayers. Please DO continue ...

  7. I could use a little help with Ash Wednesday service. Pop on over to my place and leave me your ideas. Thanks.

  8. In case you didn't have enough fun yet today, my Ash Wednesday sermon is here.

  9. we are snowed in/out and so have, for the first time in the memory of any living person in our church, canceled a worship service. We will add the prayers of penitence and the imposition of ashes to the Taize service tomorrow night, which should be interesting.

    However, that means I have an unused meditation about ashes. Good times! I knew that if I actually wrote the thing, we'd have bad weather and end up like this. If I hadn't bothered, the snow would have gone right around us and I'd be panicking right now. ;-)

  10. Today I mark 9 years since my mom (ma) went missing (which we now know was the day she died). So I bid your prayers, am considering making going back to church my lenten discipline. Prayers and a blessed lent to all.

  11. I've posted something about bad weather (of the literal and figurative kind) here.

  12. Amy, I've sent an email to a new ring member who is interested.

  13. You can see some of my thoughts on my reading at Slush Wednesday


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