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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday Festival: Mid-Lent Edition

What I should have resolved to do for Lent: Read more RevGalBlogPal blogs. We are blessed to be connected to such a wonderful online group, as I am reminded whenever my turn at the Wednesday Festival rolls around.

This week's examples:

reverendmother wants to hear about your favorite children's books. She's working on a proposal for Denominational Magazine for a series of ten articles that will explore scriptural themes as illuminated in children’s literature. She has a few books in mind, namely Because of Winn-Dixie and one or more Madeleine L’Engle books, but she could use some other ideas, especially current books. Read more about it it here.

Christine has sent out invitations to another Poetry Party over at the Abbey of the Arts. The basic idea is that she selects an image, suggests a title, and invites your responses. You'll find all the details here.

Sally has been double busy at Eternal Echoes. She has a poem inspired by the story of the Woman at the Well here and some thoughts about the significance of Mary here.

Kathryn has shared the contents of her "Living Waters" prayer trail with her Good in Parts friends here. She suggests that it might be useful for anyone planning low-tech alternative worship; she used one small electric pump (from a bargain basement "Water feature" and one laptop and projector), and everything else was tech free and assimilable in a couple of hours. (She also talked a bit about the magpie tendency in alt worship in the post before.)

Rachel has been blogging at The Big Dunk about her family's amazing trip to Vietnam, where her husband is from, starting here with the opening details and continuing through their trip.

If reading this reminds you that you meant to send in a nomination for the Wednesday Festival, go ahead and add it in the comments. Post a direct link to your blog entry in your comment using the following formulation: <a href="the url of your blog post goes here">what you want the link to say goes here</a> For a complete how-to, click here.

And don't forget to email your submissions for upcoming festivals to


  1. At my place you can 1)help direct me to some good, innovative church websites; 2) enjoy our latest cute pet pictures; and/or 3) read about our family's frustration with the "dysfunction junction" across the street, and ponder how to help people whose lives are in an exponential, systemic mess.

  2. Thanks, WC! Hope your recovery goes well.


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