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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday Festival

On with the festival!

The Virtual Vicar is facing and experiencing (so far) a very Lent-y Lent. Stop by and offer your words of encouragement and support.

Looking for a twist on a Lenten discipline? Coffeepastor has one that we can all enjoy the fruits of on his blog. Also, check out his reflections or self-proclaimed freak-out about becoming a father.

And, just when you think you've seen it all, here's something special for all the Wesley fans. You really have to go see this to believe it!

Send in the top posts that you read or write so that the rest of us can enjoy them, too! Or, given that this week's festival is already posted, let us know what you're reading and writing about in the comments.


  1. I am taking part in a photo synchro blog on Love- this is my offering.

    Happy Valentines to all.

  2. I'm working on an
    "autobiographical statement"for my discernment committee (which meets for the first time on Monday...)

  3. I can haz reflekshon on LOLBible.

    (Translation: I ponder reflectively on the intrusion of the vernacular known as "LOL speak" into a Christian context; that is in particular, the translation of the Bible into aforesaid "LOL speak." I would appreciate a visit and your comments on my reflection. Thank you for your consideration. Good-bye)

  4. Well, I have a photo of my parents (I visited them this weekend) that I personally think is insanely cute.
    It's here.

  5.'s a tie for cuteness between my folks and LC's puppy!


    thanks for the roundup PinkShoes!

  6. I have musings on the ethics of fundraising after getting a letter from the skating club.

    And I am wondering what y'all know about Esther/Abraham Hicks who was part of the origins of The Secret

  7. I posted a monologue play that I wrote two years ago called The Sword of Simeon.

    It's a Good Friday piece of Mary at the foot of Calvary. Was going to perform it, but never have.

  8. I'm not top-posting much right now but what I am doing is importing most of my other blogs to the new site at

    In other words, I'm simplifying!


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