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Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday Meet & Greet

Welcome to a chilly Monday Meet & Greet! I know that lots of folks are experiencing the cold of winter today, including me.

I imagine that our newest member, I Am Chorus, is also finding it rather chilly, up on the Prairies of Canada. She describes herself as a: "married 20-something living on the Prairies (Canada) with the husband of my dreams and two ridiculous cats. University administrator, PK, cross-stitcher, choral singer, baseball fanatic... Life is varied and wonderful."

Go and visit her and leave a message of welcome!

In addition, with no other new folks to meet, why don't we all do a little self-intro in the comments by answering the question, "What is your favorite sound?"

(Sound wave photo from Lenox SoftWorks)

Looking forward to reading you!


  1. my favorite sound hmmm. right now I can think of my dog sighing just before she goes to sleep.

  2. Hey, Diane! I was going to say, the little snorty noises my dog makes when she is comfortable. :) My dogs are one of my favorite things in life, anyway.

  3. The cat, purring, is good -- but there's a lot of comfort in the sound of the car starting or appliances, any appliances, including furnace, kicking in just when they're supposed to!

  4. Thanks for the lovely introduction!

    Two favourite sounds of mine: a coffee-pot percolating away, and the little chirpy noises that our kitten makes when she wants something.

  5. Welcome, Chorus!
    Well, if we're talking about animal sounds, there is hardly anything sweeter or more joyful than the way our blogging dog, Molly, says, "Wroo wroo!" She sounds like she is singing -- and she sang along with the rehearsing choir at church yesterday morning, in tune, according to them!

  6. I go along with Mary Beth: we love our dog's little snorty noises. But I think my very favorite sound is that of the garage door going up at the end of the day, when my husband returns home safely. I think that's the dog's favorite sound too!

  7. Hi Diane--
    I love the sighing dog sound, as well as the snoring dog sound. Very cute. But my four-year-old laughing hysterically is the best of all. He laughs so hard sometimes that he can hardly stop-- it's beautiful. totally unreserved and trusting.

  8. My favorite sounds:

    My partner calling me up at work and saying, " are you?" in a certain cadence.

    Cassie the golden retriever "huffing" when she's happy and snuggly. (Li'l Gertie the pup is really very quiet and doesn't have a "happy sound" yet).

    Mollie the cat greeting me with a "Brrrrrt!"

    And the cardinals making spring sounds in my yard in the morning as I'm leaving for work.

  9. I love to hear my children talking and laughing together. At 10 and 7 years old there are days when this does NOT happen much, so the days I overhear it, I pause to be grateful for it. I also love the sound our super-automatic coffee/espresso maker makes in the morning. Especially if my husband is steaming the milk for me.

  10. Welcome Chorus...and along those lines my favorite sound is the singing of a men's chorus. One of my favorite is The Turtle Creek Chorale

  11. Welcome, Chorus! My favorite sounds are the laughter of my children and their shrieking as their daddy chases them through the house. I also enjoy the sound of their steady breathing at night after they've gone to sleep, sometimes curled up in my arms.

  12. THe squeal "Dadddyyyyyyyy!" when the youngest sees me come in the house.

    Apparently daddy coming home is cause for great excitement

  13. Welcome Chorus! I am with Queen Mum, my favorite sound is the laughter of my daughters. Even as teenagers, we all enjoy a great laugh. Second would be, even after going on 19 years, the sound of my husband's voice when one of us has just walked in the door at the end of the day.

  14. Welcome, Chorus!!
    My favorite sounds are kids' giggling, my spouse's lovely tenor voice (singing or speaking), and the teapot whistling...

  15. If I had childen, it would be the sounds of their voices; if I had a husband, hopefully it would be the sound of his voice; if I had a dog, it would be her voice. I have cats, so it's the sounds of their purring and meowing. Second favorite sound is that of birds singing.

  16. My favorite sound is rain drops against a window!

  17. Right now, my favorite sound would be no sound, just silence. Haven't heard that for awhile....

  18. in addition to snoring dogs and purring cats and coffee percolating, my favorite sound is deep in the forest, on a hike, when you stop and just listen to the silent hum of the trees and birds and scritching of insects....
    Welcome, Chorus!

  19. Happy sounds of animals, birds and people, Yes. My favorite sound - waves (s)lapping on the beach.

  20. Thank you all so much for the kind welcome!!

  21. The ocean! To which I am listening right now

  22. my favourite sound is the ocean waves crashing on the shore.

  23. My favorite sound is my kids talking to each other after lights out. There is a wonderful song by Neil and Tim Finn about the connections that occur during these times in the song "Disembodied Voices:"

    Talking with my brother
    When the lights went out
    Down the hallway
    Forty years ago

    And what became much harder
    Was so easy then
    Opening up and letting go

    Disembodied voices
    Floating in the air
    This place in the darkness
    Could be anywhere

    Talking to each other
    As we wait for sleep
    The angel in the detail
    Soon arrives

    Spreading her wings over
    Every memory
    And keeping all our hopes alive"

    Our children are the embodiment of our hopes. I know there will be a time when I will not hear those lilting voices in the darkness. I know that right now there are too many times when their voices are raised in fighting against each other. That makes me treasure the times they actually talk to each other and share their dreams with each other even more precious.

  24. the first cry of each of my babies :)

  25. MY favourite sound today - our kids getting on with each other - easy banter (like this morning)

    Misty (the puppy)'s tail hitting the gate on our door as she wags happily on hearing us get up in the morning. (she's finally stopped barking - the wag is much friendlier!)


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