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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday Music Video - Easter Sunday

When I began to look for an Easter music video, I thought about finding something different, but I kept on returning to the tried and true. I am wondering who did NOT sing this hymn this morning? Is this the most popular Easter Hymn? There were quite a few choices on Youtube, some quite good and some very homegrown. I found this one which is comes from Songs of Praise, broadcast by the BBC and this one was filmed at Lichfield Cathedral

Share with us your Easter Service. What was the highlight? What are you doing to decompress this week?

Please remember also tomorrow Songbird shares the monthly book discussion Bread And Wine: Readings For Lent And Easter. In addition, we'll be sharing some of the upcoming books for discussion!


  1. We sang it--but these are different words than I've heard before.

    What a nice rendetion, all those people singing loudly. :-)

    Church was great today! NO SNOW--yay, and lots of joy and smiles. The music was a mix of traditional and contemporary and it all fit togehther in an amazing way. We sang:

    Christ the Lord is Risen Today
    Celebrate Jesus
    My Redeemer Lives
    Hallelujah, Jesus is Alive and
    You're Alive

    Wonderful music, all of it!

  2. Erm... not to be too particular, but that should be *Lichfield* Cathedral...I have a friend who lives there.

    Gorgeous anyway you spell it.

  3. Well yes, we sang the tune, and the Alleluias, but nearly all the other words were completely different and I'd always thought we sang more or less what Wesley wrote or paraphrased or whatever it was he did. So Anglicans, tell us - is this a new version or have you always sung it differently? We sang this, In the Bulb There is a Flower (a modern hymn by Natalie Sleeth, while the young people were covering a cross with flowers for children's time), and Crown Him with Many Crowns -- which is in the Ascension and Reign section and I think should have been put off. Report from Sisterknits in City of Lakes that she was happy because one of their hymns was Morning Has Broken. We had good music too from organ and brass, handbells, teenage choir and senior choir. Weather chilly and windy but sunny, so can't complain.

  4. In Sylvania OH we used the same words as in the Lichfield Cathedral. We also sang an anthem with the choir as our call to worship. We sang "At the Lamb's High Feast We Sing" during communion and closed with the choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus. Wonderful!

    At our contemporary service:
    Indescribable, Majesty, My Redeemer Lives, Let It Rise, That's Why We Praise Him...and we closed with our own version of the Beach Boys "Fun, Fun, Fun" but it is "Life, Life, Life now that Jesus rolled the boulder away.' I know it's not quite biblically accurate, but the rest of the lyrics are really pretty good.
    All in all, an amazing morning of worship. My feet were very tired after preaching three services! The men of the house are finishing dinner prep as I type.

  5. such joy in the music department this morning. Two trumpeters added to the choir'n'organ.
    Jesus Christ Is Risen Today
    the Gloria (Proulx)
    Through the Red Sea Brought at Last
    Hallelujah Chorus (gospel acclamation)
    Alleluia! O Sons and Daughters
    Thee We Adore, O Hidden Saviour
    (anthem) Let all Mortal Flesh keep Silence
    That Eastertide with Joy Was Bright
    and Gordon Slater's Easter Alleluia as a postlude.
    It was SUMPTUOUS...alleluias, descants, trumpet obligato...and the Psalm to an Anglican chant also.

  6. We sang this hymn--these words, too. The highlight was, and usually is, the homegrown orchestra that accompanies all the hymns. The tympani gets me every time. It truly sounds like the boulder is being rolled away. The oboe and clarinet sing a sweet tune and the brass makes Alleluia sound so definite and real. I am so very thankful for a wonderful music program and talented musicians who give their time for this ministry.

  7. These are the words we used as well.

    We also sang The Day of Resurrection, but to the tune ELLACOMBE (Hosanna, Loud Hosanna)--with french horns, trombone, and baritone (our space is too small for trumpets and thankfully we have no trumpet players in our congregation!). Awesome.

    We too sang In the Bulb There Is A Flower and at the 8:00 service we sang Christ is Risen Shout Hosanna. At 10 and 11 we ended with the Hallelujah Chorus. The choir sang at the last two--a gorgeous and haunting Ukrainian Alleluia and also something like "Christ has risen alleluia" (bach, maybe?). they were great!
    All three traditional services were amazing musically!

    contemporary worship today was highly unmemorable...God's Romance, Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble, Joyful Joyful/Sing Out, Alive Forever, Shout to the North. I confess to not liking any of those songs.

    After 4 services, I'm tired tired tired. And I didn't even do the preaching! I slept almost 4 hours this afternoon and now have mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and deviled eggs. Y'all come on over! It didn't even snow so the roads are nice and clear!

    Tonight I'm thinking a bubble bath with a lavender "bath bomb" from Lush, along with some trashy pointless princess book. Tomorrow...packing for a trip to somewhere where the sun shines! yay!

  8. Of course, we sang this one...closing for the vigil, opening for the morning services!

  9. We sang that tune, but with the words beginning "Christ the Lord is risen today." That's the typical version for us Congregational types, I think. We also sang "Joy Dawned Again on Easter Day" (Puer Nobis Nascitur, one of my favorite hymn tunes) and "The Day of Resurrection." I am a very predictable hymn chooser when it comes to Easter! Another favorite is "Thine is the Glory," but they will get that one when the candidate preaches next week.
    After a week on the cruise, I'll start at my new church on the Third Sunday of Easter, with a whole new hymnal at my disposal! Hurray!

  10. we sang this- but with different words- as for the highlight ...this, so different, yet so profound!!!

  11. We sang it, too. I pick hymns, and I don't think it's Easter without it. We sang that and "The Day of Resurrection", another favorite of mine. The bell choir played "Lift High the Cross", which I think we'll sing next week. The worship band led one that was new to me. I LOVED it. The drummer told me it was part Isaac Watts and Stuart Townsend tweaked it, but I'm not finding confirmation of that anywhere. Oh well.

    Worship went well. I had a fun night at the preacher party last night. I could have been done much earlier if I had stayed away, but it was fun. I am hurting today because I have been getting sicker and sicker since Thursday. Preaching was not good. I mean, the preaching part and the sermon were good. My throat and hacking cough were not. I about gagged myself coughing and trying to hold it in and trying not to blast everyone away with my coughing into the lapel mic. Not fun. I had water in the pulpit with me, but I couldn't find a smooth time to stop and take a sip. At one point I finally did, but that made it worse for a while. It was bad news.

    I made it through, though, and everyone felt horrible for me. I felt bad for them having to listen to me cough and sniffle and gap my way through it all.

    So, tomorrow the office is closed, but I never told daycare my kids aren't coming. Providence. They're going; I'm going to get my docket and report ready for the session meeting, then come home and sleep the whole day away. It's going to be awesome!!!!

    After that, I've got an Easter 2 sermon to write. I'm going to Jesus breathing on the disciples. I may not even read the Thomas part. This week was the hope of the resurrection. Next week is the responsibility of it.

  12. Oh yeah - - some of our stanzas and lines are the same, but some are different.


  13. We sang it at the end of the Catholic Vigil Saturday night, at the begining of the Methodist outdoor sunrise service, and in the middle of the Presbyterian service.

    At our own (the latter) we had the strains of a French horn weaving in and out all morning and a majestic all-who want-to-particiate Hallelulah chorus at the end.

  14. We sang it, with these words. no surprise there I guess.

    Since by Man Came Death and Hallelujah Chorus by choir.

    Fraction anthem was a Bach chorale.

  15. It isn't Easter if the service doesn't start with this hymn. We also sang Welcome, happy morning; Come away to the skies and Good Christians all, rejoice and sing! That last made me want to dance down the aisle. The sermon and mozarabic chant went well, there were lots of people there and the sun even deigned to come out. It was a wonderful celebration culminating a week of daily liturgies.
    And now to prepare for next Sunday.

  16. Doesn't work with electric guitar. :)
    I blared it from a CD as we fixed our part of the Easter dinner with staff and friends.

    Biggest celebration song of the day was "Here is Our King" by David Crowder... here's the video and the lyrics are here

    Untraditionally celebrating!

  17. The highlight of our service was the children's choir leaders singing one of their new CD's worship songs with some of our paid lead soloists. The song's refrain, simply "Alleluia Jesus is Alive", brought tears.

    The rest of the service tanked, on top of a clearly shopped sermon. I blogged about it.

    Just want to focus on that song.


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