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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday Prayer

God of Life and Love, God of Miracle and Wonder, in thanks we offer these and all the prayers of our hearts, minds and souls. We thank you for the power of your presence in our midst to inspire and bring about renewal of life. Even in the driest, most empty, seasons of our lives, you are there, breathing life even into the sad hidden corners of our spirits.

Thank you God for all of the times you have breathed your saving breath upon us. In those times that seemed so hopeless, your grace has infused us with life-giving hope. We praise you, O God, for your healing, loving presence with us.

God, help us to be set free from all that binds us and keeps us from living the abundant life that you offer us in Jesus. Help us also to unbind and set free those around us who need our help to find their true freedom and faith.

May those who are bound by fear, or grief, or desperation, or loneliness, be set free by a comforting word offered by a friend. May those who are bound by hunger, homelessness, political oppression, prejudice, or addiction be set free by the work of justice-seeking by your church in the world.

God, we pray that all who are bound by the emptiness within their own souls might set their spirits free and celebrate your presence. Guide us, as a community of faith, in all that we do and all that we are, for the sake of the One who calls us ever forward, Jesus Christ, who taught his friends to pray saying…

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  1. Thank you so much for this prayer. May we indeed be unbound! Amen.


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