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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wednesday Festival: And the nominees are...

Welcome one and all to this festive Wednesday festival where we in Alabama are experiencing lovely weather today. (I am not saying that tongue in cheek, it truly is lovely.)

But and I do mean but, my internet connection was down this morning, and so I could not access and post the festival. So now that it is back up and working, here is the festival. I hope you all enjoy.

We have a winner, yes folks, a real winner at that: Rev-to-be-Mibi has won the David H. C. Read Preacher/Scholar Award-- pretty cool huh! go over and give her a hardy congratulations.
Kudos and applause to mibi52!!!

In the middle of our Lenten season, Quantum Theology offers a bowl of soup and Psalmody for our reflection. Very delicious indeed, and a mindful piece of meditation to feed our hungry souls. Come away for a little while...

What more food, see-through-faith invites us on her holiday eating her way through Scotland. Lovely pictures, it makes me want to go back. If you have had longstanding friendships you will enjoy reading about her reuniting with two of her longstanding friendships for what she calls "girl's weekend". MMM I need one of those. And one more thing, Lorna proves she is a winner all the way around by being asked to read and write a review of a book. Go read her thoughts on the book, Samson by David Maine. Very interesting indeed.

Terrapin Station invites us to come read her thoughts about her initial experience of Emergent Church at the recent Everything Must Change Tour, led by Brian McLaren in Dallas last weekend. She is interested in also hearing your thoughts and comments. So go tell her what you think.

Eternal Echoes asks us to come over and pray with her about a recent death. Lord in your mercy hear our prayers for this young man, friends, and family.

Good in Parts canvassing opinion on the possible future for my blog as I move into my new parishes and would welcome a wide range of reactions.... So please go help her with your thoughts and opinions.

Well folks, that's all the news here and around the revgalblogpal world for this Wednesday. You are invited to let us know if you have a post you want us to read for the Wednesday festival. All you have to do is e-mail the link to the post to, with a brief description about the post.

And remember we all are winners.


  1. I just shared an e-mail I received around the dates of Easter (and it being so early this year)

    ANd my Palm Sunday Liturgy stuff is up on my worship resources blog.

    Oh and is it just me or did Tuesday LEctionary LEanings disappear suddenly?

  2. I just posted with a request for ideas about reinterpreting the liturgical year for a new worship service I'm working on. If you've got stuff to share, stop by here. And thanks in advance!

  3. Gord, it had mysteriously gone back to "draft" status, but all is well now.
    Thanks for noticing.

  4. Well one never knows what blogger will do next right?

  5. Gord now I know why so many of you have blogs that are not with blogger. You don't ever know what will happen.

  6. While not at my blog, I link to it- my wife's posting on the Woman At The well.

    3 Super Cool Women


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