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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday Festival - Randomly Spaced

- Random Phases by Prof. Sir Michael Berry

Sorry for the lateness of the fest (and for the random spacing below!) Seems like all next week's regularly scheduled items have moved to THIS week...

The Mollinator (love it) had an emotional experience at the rodeo and elsewhere. Check it out here! She has also been to the COOLEST EVENT EVER (if you are a kiddo)...can you guess? What a lucky daughter she has!
Here's an invite to Christine's 14th Poetry Party! Come one, come all...
Sally's been telling stories...wonderful stories. She shares one of her own personal stories, too, a perfectly wonderful one, at Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. Thanks for this!
Deb shares a poem and a photo from her modular week at seminary.
And over at Prairie Hill, Pastor David posts on the economic stimulus package and stewardship!
And hey...what's going on with YOU ALL?


  1. excellent round up Mary Beth- thank you.

  2. My posts are all about the NEW BABY at our house. My ministry is focused on feeding and cuddling this week-before-Holy Week. :)

  3. I've been so busy reading (for pleasure) ... step over to my place to see what I've bought and what I recommend ...

  4. I have a quandry I would like suggestions on. In brief, church plumbing woes at the same time as a church supper. More here


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