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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Music Video - Easter 6

Many Sundays in our small congregation, we have the congregation sing the hymn for the Offertory. This Sunday was one of those. We know when we are supposed to sing because when the organist begins to play, the small choir remains seated, as well as the fact that the hymn board has the hymn listed.
This Sundays offertory hymn was Come fown, O love divine. This is an interesting video, and I wondered the rhyme and reason to the visual part of the video to the audio until I pulled the "more info" link on the side of the video to read. It's filmed inside Gorton Monastery, which is undergoing major renovation. It's an interesting piece of restoration history.

Music: Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)
Tune: Down Ampney
Words: Bianco da Siena (d. 1434)
Translation: R F Littledale (1833-90)
From: Songs of Praise Hymnbook No. 161
Performers: Ad Solem - University of Manchester Chamber Choir
Conductor: Matthew Hamilton

My question posed to you is - what did you hear during the offertory today? Do you ever have congregational singing during this time? Also, what hymn or piece of music moved you today during worship?


  1. Cathy, They do sing, but meekly or without enthusiasm.

  2. Where is everybody?

    We don't sing during the offering. Perhaps we should start. Today there was a solo during that time, "Do They See Jesus in Me?"-a very lovely song which was new to me.

  3. Our offering anthem today was played by the director of one of the bell choirs and her teenage son: "Joy" by McChesney. It was beautifully spiritual.

  4. Revabi - our congregation is not terribly enthusiastic, but they are getting better.

    We also have solos, Singing Owl.

  5. Cathy, We haven't had the congregation singing during the offering. In my mind I wonder about the juggling of passing plates and reading hymnals. However, as I'm typing this I'm remembering that in my new call (started January) we have the ability to project words. We could sing during the offertory. It's funny how sometimes worship gets restricted by problems that don't exist!

    We had Confirmation this Sunday and a sort of Youth Sunday. I still preached, but the kids were liturgists, wrote the bulletin prayers, ushered, etc. We have a set of Kristal Bells and I wish I could find a video of them being played for any who are not familiar. They are SO FUN for the kids and adults. We often don't bother to practice with them, but just call the kids (and some adults) up to ring on the spot. We did that this Sunday, and it was probably my favorite musical moment because I got to play with my daughter (almost 3) and it was just a fun, lively, Spirit-filled time in the service. Lots of Holy Laughter!


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