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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wednesday Festival: Poetry, Big Events and THE BIG EVENT!

Hello, all! We have a short list of nominees this week:

Because it's always a good time for poetry, pay a call to Christine at Abbey of the Arts for this week's Poetry Party.

And for a take on big events in the world of politics and religion, read what reverendmother thinks about "Preachergate."

You didn't really think that was all, did you?

It was beautiful in the Gulf of Mexico, as you can see from this picture taken on the shore at Cozumel. There are lots of posts from those of us who attended the Big Event, and no doubt further stories to come. As of this morning, I can point you to the following posts from:

Mid-Life Rookie
DogBlogger and The Typist
Quotidian Grace
Mary Beth
will smama
Grace By the Sea

Oh, and yours truly.

If I missed you, it's because you posted after I went out with the dogs this morning. Leave a comment and let us know, and I'll try to update this later. Off to my new job!



  1. Next year, EVERYBODY needs to be at the BE.

    Give your dogs a smooch for me!

  2. Can't wait to read and to be at the BE.

  3. I don't know if it was intentional, but I love how so many people are calling the Big Event the BE. It seems like the major goal/result of the 'Big Event' was space and time for people to just 'be.' Yeah for that!

    Hopefully those of us who didn't get to go have found or will find such time and space too!

  4. I played here. ahoy maties

    It was wonderful to just BE with you all.

  5. Great pick up,Silent! Right now I am wearing my swag bracelet that revhrod made for everyone that has the letters BE on it - both for Big Event and for 'be'.

  6. Thank you for doing this, Songbird! Wonderfulness.

    I'm going to be processing this for a long time. And looking very much forward to the next one!!

  7. I'll nominate this post from MoreCows about a vigil held to read the names of all 4,000 soldiers killed in Iraq. The litany at the end is especially powerful.

  8. Indeed it was the place to "be" and simply be. Move mountains to come next was THAT good!

  9. The BE sounds awesome, like Abi, I'd love to be there!!!

    I have joined in with the poetry theme though.

    Thanks all for the great pics, now I am saving every penny!!!

  10. I was so bummed to miss the BE this year... I'm praying for next year, though!

    I've got a game on my blog that y'all might enjoy. Head over here, and it will tell you about The Compliment Game and The Thank-You Note Game. Hope you'll stop by!

    Blessings to all,
    Hedwyg / Warriormare

  11. welcome home everyone

    yeah St C ... if only :)

  12. Hey, I read a post from PPB about privledges and I played along on it also. This then promted me to think about some privledges of my own and I made another list. Feel free play too. Would love to hear from all of you with your own privledges!

  13. I have written a couple more posts abut the BE.

    Here. and Here.

  14. OK i don't care when or where the next BE is I will be there!! Thank you for sharing and share more please!

  15. Will read all of the BE stuff after my homework is done...

    I have a couple of posts for you to read... on Gracism and a quote by Brennan Manning. And while you're in the neighborhood...

    PLEASE COME VOTE!!! a few hours left to suggest what bread recipe you want me to 'splain to you, Lucy. Come on over to my place


  16. I know that envy is one of the big no-nos, but I am so envious of y'all who went to the BE.


    Off to confess I guess....


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