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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wednesday Festival - Things

Forever KC says, "I'm in my last semester of seminary and taking a voices of non-violence class. I posted a reflection paper on works by and about MLK on April 4, the 40th anniversary of his slaying. The reflection includes my memory of that day 40 years ago as well as some questions for reflection." Feel free to join in!

She also points us to a discussion of the UMC guaranteed appointment system at Erika's Endangered Species: Church.

Dear Sally! The things she does for her children (as do we all). Go read about bacon sandwiches here. A good entry on feeling vulnerable as well. Also, she is looking for some feedback from us. The topic, she says, "comes through thinking around a part of my Masters dissertation which is on women and image."

Mother Laura says: "I wrote a creative midrash on this week’s Gospel about the disciples who meet Jesus on the road to Emmaus, with a link to a beautiful icon of the story as well."

Mitch says, "Ever have a day start with everything going wrong? As a Pastor's Husband, I've noticed that Sunday morning tends to have an unsually large number of distractions & disasters. I've also noticed that a Sunday morning full ofdisasters almost always means a very good Sunday service. Bad Sunday Morning = Good Church Service."

Lorna is back at seminary in Estonia. She has had 18 lectures in the past two days! But she has also had some time to walk in the rain! See pictures here and here. She heard a sermon with homework set on her first night back.

Did you forget to make a nomination? Please share in the comments what you've been up to, or tell us about particularly fine writing you've seen 'round the ring.


  1. I had too much on my mind to think of sending this into the festival. But if you check out this recent post - it will be clear that I could use some prayers.

  2. Well I've been doing some thinking and celebrating here


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