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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday Festival

It's a quiet week here on the Wednesday Festival beat. Could everyone be politicked out, or is it just me, living as I do in a state that just survived what feels like the most exhausting primary campaign ever?

But we do have several nominations:

One family was praying to find just the right pet. Another family was praying for the right home for their cat. Mindy tells us what happens when prayers collide.

For Earth Day 2oo8, Leah Sophia shares a lovely pair of posters that particularly emphasis stewardship of our urban environments, here and here.

Sally has posted several absolutely gorgeous photos of spring flowers in her garden (Sally, you can come work in my garden any old time) as well as some further thoughts about what it means to be made in the image of God. Starting statement: "People of faith are fond of saying that each of us is 'made in God’s image,' but most of us have no idea how many people feel excluded from that because of their sex or gender.”

Preacher Mom took the kids to the park and ended up wondering if any other single moms feel the way she does sometimes. She's also getting ready for the MS Challenge Walk again, and looking for sponsors.

Feel free to add your own nomination as a comment. For a complete how-to, click here.


  1. Last night I posted some Earth Day Thoughts that grew out of Sunday's sermon

  2. Also on an Earth Day theme, I posted about a disused quarry here and did some repenting here.

  3. My mom's friend sent her a You Tube of Amazing Grace with an inspiring lesson on how it came to be, as well as other spirituals. It's a three hanky piece here

  4. I need HELP!!!

    Is there anyone who can help me with tax info on housing allowance and etc for a volunteer clergy position????

    In other words, if I take on a volunteer role which is for an ordained volunteer... do I need to be PAID something to take the housing allowance? Or can I just deduct my mortgage, utilities, etc... ??

    Possibly this is not an answerable question. BUt if you have any expertise or suggestions, I would be grateful!


  5. Thank you, WC! Great job. Look forward to visiting these folks.

  6. Deb - I *think* you need to be paid something, even $1. I do know that you need a formal letter from the church board (or the local equivelent) before the start of the year with your max housing allowance documented.

    I'd recommend a a book that I think is called "The Clergy Income Tax Handbook". It's big & brown - can't find it online at the moment, may have the wrong name...


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