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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Wednesday Festival

Hi ya'll, I am posting from Sunny AL, yet with a little cool breeze. It's just right for a party. We have been having kite days, relay days, and you name it at the school. The picture is not from AL, rather it is from Grandfather's Moutain in N. C., where we went for Spring Break recently. What are you up to these days, come join us for a festive Wednesday and find out what the revgalblogpals are up too.

Looking for A Guest Preacher? Well if you are; Waiting for the Day has one to recommend. Check out what she learned from the youth on Youth Sunday. has been blogging for just over a year now, and he has been reflecting on what he has learned. Some people put a lot of time into getting more traffic to their blog. He wants to chime in with what worked & what didn't for me. Mmm a little lesson we can use. He also has a post of Spring time fun with his son.

NotShyChiRev writes "When we were little, Mom would let my siblings and I choose the menu for the family dinner on the evenings of our birthdays." He is now though going to change his order for his next year birthday. Go to read what he is going to do and why.

Holy Trouble brings us some news from the Methodist Conference, some insights and thoughts from her perspective.

And on a sad note; Junia's daughter wrote that
Last Friday was bittersweet because it was her due date with Julian, the baby she lost in the fall. She got a lot of love from the rest of my wonderful family, and wrote about it--with good news and great pictures. Go and offer your support.There are two posts; this is the second one.

Songbird writes: This is a sad thing, but I thought we might want to let people know that one of our ring members, Cynthia at Sorting the Pieces, lost her husband on Sunday to a heart attack:

Now you are welcome to add your piece to the comments and to have a lovely day.
Don't forget to nominate yourself or someone else for next week's Wednesday's Festival.


  1. I forgot to send out the invitation to this week's
    Poetry Party on time, but consider yourself officially invited. Some wonderful poems already posted! Share a poem before Saturday and enter to win a prize!

    Blessings from Christine at Abbey of the Arts

  2. Thank you Christine. If I were a poet, I would come on over.

    Any other invites or posts others would like us to read. Please let us know in the comment section.

    There were just a few invites and so I went to the RingSurf for revgalblogpals;hit random, read the post and either chose to nominate it or not. Found myself reading some of the members I have never read before, or hadn't in awhile. But it was getting late and I was falling asleep as I did this; So I only got a few more added. But I think I am going to try to do this more often, ya'll are interesting people, living interesting lives, with very interesting thoughts.

  3. Sally, yes prayers going up. I can relate, it comes and goes in its dark times. I'll come see you later.

  4. I've been reading about women becoming ministers...that's about it besides the usual working stuff.

    Just a small small note: NotShy is actually a man.

  5. There are a lot of good posts for me to read, I see, and I will do that this evening when I get home from the busy-ness of the church.

    In the meantime, I posted a little blurb that really fits yesterday's lectionary conversation a little more, but I am hoping to get some advice/insight about using all or part of a passage responsibly. I'd appreciate the traffic and anyone's thoughts.

    Peace to all who are struggling!!!

  6. Good posts this week - and hugs and prayers to you, Sally, from one who has walked through that neighbourhood before. It is never easy.

    I posted last Thursday (so it's within the week - woohoo!) about discernment, and some of the work I've been doing lately. I met with the clergy at my parish today, and it was a really good session. They're not going to TELL me what to do (daggonnit!), but are definitely helping and guiding me to find the right path.

  7. Dear Abi,

    What a week! I am just now catching up with these posts, and what a gift they are. Thanks for putting this together.


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