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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Belated Wednesday Festival - Pentecost, etc.

Sorry for the lateness of this Wednesday Fest!

Looking forward to Pentecost, much? Leah Sophia provides a glorious illustration of Acts 2:17. Keep her in your prayers, please!

Ellbee posts 100 things she's thought about, in celebration of her 100th post.

Mrs. M. is starting an old-fashioned snail-mail Round Robin! I'm so excited! Go let her know if you'd like to play!

Speaking of robins, I started my morning with some birdwatching (though I didn't see any of THOSE), and shared it here.

What was your yesterday like? Let us know in the comments!


  1. If you like jewellry, this post might interest you.

  2. Sorry, that post sounds really spam-like. I promise it isn't. I just found a cool pendant and thought I would share.

  3. As usual I've got some more discernment posts up and a discussion on atonement, always a topic to get folks going.

    And a whole new design! Took a lot of work but I made it from scratch this time and just love it.

  4. Did someone say Robins? Watch with me as we watch eggs hatch & the hatchlings grow up!

    Hey Look, A nest!

    Hey look, baby birds!


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