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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday Festival for May 28

Well, folks, it's the last Wednesday Festival of the month and we have some interesting links for you to follow to see what is going on around the Revgalblogpal webring. We start with........

See through Faith's friend went on a walkabout and see what happened.

Wanna party?? Step right over to the Poetry Party, and come 'celebrate the gifts of being' over at the Abbey.

Leah blogged about Sacred Compass, Brent Bill's very recent book about direction and discernment and also some about my own journey; I highly recommend Sacred Compass!

Mary Beth urges us to consider an important cause, one with potential to change the world, in "Join the Movement for Study Abroad."

Last, but not least.....Songbird writes gorgeously about another way the world will be changed in "Portrait of the Artists as Young Men."

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  1. Ever have one of those weeks? I am having one too. I was scatter shootinglate into Tuesday night.

  2. Wow - a really early Wednesday Festival this week - and a great one! Thank you, Cathy!

    I just posted here in the wee hours of the morning about why I blog. It was an interesting - and difficult! - question to think about, and I hope maybe some of my fellow RevGals will take up the challenge and try to answer it, too!

    (BTW, does anyone else find the phrase fellow RevGals to be the slightest bit oxymoronic? Maybe it's just me.)

    Peace and blessings to you all!
    warriormare (aka hedwyg)

  3. If you haven't read this discussion at Choral Reef, I hope you'll take a look at it: on the subject of applause in worship.

  4. Good stuff. My band has a concert. Here's the shameless plug. I'll see you all soon...I'm struggling with the lectionary this week. Grace seems a little elusive.

  5. Read about my trip to Michigan's Leelanau Peninsula, why I think churches should "take their show on the road" in underserved areas of Touristland, and my finding myself having to agree with someone I don't agree with.

  6. Wow it looks like a great roundup. Sorry I haven't been around much lately: life has been a little crazy. I do have a new poem up on my site: Hail Holy Mothers.

  7. I didn't make it in time to post for the festival, but I have arrived in Bethlehem (Palestine) to work at a refugee camp for the next month. Check in for updates now and again on life in the Holy Land!


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