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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Festival - Hump Day


Happy Wednesday, All!

Gord is musing about a proposal that will come to his Conference Annual meeting in a couple of weeks. Fascinating stuff for us bloggers!

Christine at Abbey of the Arts has invited us to her 18th Poetry Party...submit a poem by Friday, and be entered into a drawing to receive a prize!

Sally brings us an alternative look at Psalm 23 and shares Pentecost re-told for children.

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  1. I designed another Pentecost banner; this time the text is from acts 2:1; a most blessed ordinary time to all!

  2. The ongoing saga of the robin's next continues:

    Hey look, a nest, part 3

  3. It's a good thing God is unreasonable. Read more here

  4. A day late, but I am blogging about meeting poet Jimmy Santiago Baca.

  5. Too much listening to the radio.


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