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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday Festival: No Muffins (or RevGals) Left Behind!

Graphic from the Main Street Gourmet in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. They offer a great deal on imperfect muffins for clubs, charities, churches, other non-profits...those of you in the general area should check it out!

Many of our writers are away at the Festival of Homiletics this week, but we do have some good choices gleaned from around the ring...

Quaker Pastor is up on her soapbox about some grave injustices. Preach it!

Mitch cracks me up. In his words: "Many times in my blog I've ranted about district events done wrong- assuming the
pastor is a "he", and not taking into account that Pastor's Husbands like me may
not want to go to the pastor's wives hair & makeup booth. This time I'm ranting about an event done right!"

There's been a fantastic book discussion on Take this Bread: A Radical Conversion by Sara Miles down the page on Monday. Don't miss the many thoughtful comments and the opportunity to share conversation with the author.

Let's be praying for: Kirstin, who has been walking with cancer and surgery for it; Sally, who is suffering depression, and for her son Chris, who is once again battling his heart ailment and his mama who wants to fix it (we got anyone can witness on that!?), our Songbird, who is looking at a potentially scary diagnosis, and many others whose situations are less public, but who need our loving support.

If that describes you...we'd love to hear from you. And if you have a great post or story to share, ditto.

Anyone at all, please feel free...or perhaps someone would like to give us an update from the Fiesta de Homies? Remember, I think it behooves us mice to play while the homileticians are away! Margaritas? Antonio?

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  1. Imperfect Muffins? How can anything made of bread and fruit be imperfect?
    So, I posted to late to be on Wedenesday Festival page, but I do have news to share.
    Drop by and have some fair trade coffee. I spoke by phone to two of the F of H attendees. They are doing fine, had good meetup, and taking it all in.

  2. I haven't put this on my blog yet but it is now technically public knowledge: the senior pastor I work with is leaving to go back to finish his PhD. His last Sunday will be August 3. Many church people will receive a letter today or tomorrow, but the leadership (staff and session and deacons) already know so the grapevine is in action, and the anxiety (read: panic) about having an interim is beginning to roll in. Awesome. I'll blog about it once it's clear that most people know (since there are some church members who read my blog...). oy!

  3. I posted a review of The Shack

    Check it out and let me know if you think this book would be a good selection for a future RevGalBlogPals discussion.

  4. In my house no muffins are left behind.;-)

    No theological profundities on my blog lately, but you can see photos of my purty patio flowers and see a delightful YouTube video celebrating my Memorial Day weekend destination, a tiny bit of God's Country in northern Michigan.

  5. I moved my blog from Narrow at the Outset a little less than a year ago, but it's taken me a while to get myself going again .... and am hoping that sharing work from my online Prayer class beginning with, well, now will help.

  6. No great profundities. Just a comment on the "Green Season".

  7. I just posted a column I wrote for the local paper. Be Not Afraid?!?

  8. I posted a quick one about the Festival Tuesday night after the meet-up. Last night we got home WAY TOO LATE (full Presbyterian worship with responsive prayer, choir anthems, solo vocalist, AND an Afr-Amer Baptist preacher = 2 hour worship) for me to post. It was GOOD, don't get me wrong, but just long for someone who's commuting in and had to fight baseball stadium traffic to get home. Oh well.

    I'm rushing to get ready to go this morning, but wanted to chime in.

  9. there has been drama in our world as of late. but it's not too terrible and i think we've been quite lucky because of it in the long run.

    anyway, you can avoid the drama and simply enjoy the pics of my new tattoo if you'd prefer. it's quite beautiful if i do say so myself!

  10. I can say that this first time Homie has been extremely impressed. Well, who wouldn't be - the basic refrain from the introducer of our speakers this week is "Dr. So-And-So certainly needs no introduction..."

    High points thus far for me have been Walter Bruggeman, Tom Long, William Willimon and Bishop Mark Hanson. But everyone else is pretty cool, too. I've posted a couple of times over at my place.


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