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Monday, June 16, 2008

June "Is it Summer yet?" Meet 'N Greet

A Warm (OK, Hot in my part of the world) Summer Welcome to:

Priests and Parents
, two clergy blogging about life and hobbies. "The P&P blog is mostly the blog of Leah but Mark also. This is a place where we post about being parents and priests and also about general hobbies and interests.Obviously being a clergy couple also adds it’s own challenges to both our ministry and parenting!We are parents to 3 small boys who are mostly wonderful." Welcome to Leah and Mark.

Pastor Martha at Martha's Kitchen. "There are lots of folks who have traditional -- maybe even conventional -- ministries, but I am not one of them. From the very beginning, I seem to have done things outside the accepted norm. A friend once observed that, from ordination on, I had come to ministry through the back door." Intrigued? Meet Martha!

Sharon Famonure who is generally called Sha at reservoir. "I am a 26 year old daughter, granddaughter, sister, cousin, niece, fiancée and friend. But all those are just appellations and do not really describe who I am except that they go to show that I have a reasonable family life. First of all and more importantly, I am a Christian. I gave my life over to Christ when I was four years old. Many people have tried to prove to me over the years that I could not have known what I was doing therefore, my conversion could not have been genuine. (I wonder if that was said of Beethoven). Anyway, that is neither here nor there. The fact is I am a Christian; I have had cause to rededicate my life again, but the Lord has been gracious." Welcome, Sha!

The Pink Hammer. "i am a passionate dreamer...a doer and one who lives...i am a reader and a adventurer on the high seas of ideas...i am a musician...a singer of songs that fail to embody the full depth of my praise. i am a seminary student...a pastor wanna be attempting to answer the call of God. i am me and i am trying to be okay with that. I am the pink hammer." Welcome, Pink Hammer!

Finally, A "Welcome Back" to Bythesea who blogs at Getting Out Of The Boat. "Thoughts, observations, reflections, ramblings, challenges, growth, experiences, sermon ideas, and life in general. I began my first blog while exploring a call to the priesthood and continued into seminary (see link). I began this blog near the end of seminary. I'm a priest in the Episcopal Church." Welcome, Bythesea!


  1. yes, welcome to one and all!

  2. Thanks for this, ReverendMommy! Hope you are feeling way better!

  3. Welcome! I had a very productive day yesterday, so I did not allow myself to stop by here. Glad to see some new blogs/bloggers. I'll be reading around today!

  4. welcome everyone. Glad you have joined our circle of friends

  5. Thank you for the warm welcome ladies! :)

  6. Thank you so much for the warm welcome! God bless you...


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