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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Skipping into June

So what's blogging around RevGals and Pals?

I went skipping around the ring earlier this week -using the neat read the next five blogs feature and he's a sample of what I found ...

* if an invitation says gay chic attire- what does it mean? what would you wear? suggestions here

* have ├Żou seen the banner over at sorting the pieces? I love it! I hadn't visited Cynthia's blog before - and was compelled by her writing to dive in deeper. She's a new widow and the post on her daughter's graduation had me in tears. Pick up a tissue (kleenex) before you head on over.

*interestingly (for me - given where I am) the big dunk writes about the way closing.

*Beth blooms - but she also asks "What do you call the game where you knock on people's doors or ring their doorbells, and then you run away before they open it?" I have no idea. Do you know? Skip over and help her out.

Cathy writes about reality tv hitting a kindergarten class - where fellow 5 and 6 year-olds were encouraged by the teacher to say what they didn't like about Alex and vote him out of the class/school. What was that teacher thinking indeed?

*gracegirl is joyful, joyful - find out why here

*My DD just turned 16 at the beginning of this month (which is just a normal birthday here in Finland) so I found Marcus at life in the way pondering having a purity ball for his daughter rather than sweet 16 very interesting. What do you think?

What are the Matriarchs up to btw? Thought I'd check them out.

They are talking about shoes, shoes and more shoes motorcycles (Spot the odd one out!)

RevAbi is sorry while Songbird is taking a risk - or two - as well as writing to senators

Singing owl shares some beautiful pictures from the small chapel (lol!) at the festival of homilectics

and St Cass and QG are playing tag, as are Marybeth and songbird.

There were a few not-so-active blogs around ... one was Go and Do likewise -(though I noticed she has now blogged again) but I so loved her thoughts on Pentecost I thought I'd end with them, because they are - in many ways -timeless.

The Spirit isn’t just about boisterous altar calls and speaking in tongues. It represents the power of God in our lives. It comes to EM-power us, giving us the gift of witness and discipleship. It can be as gentle as a breeze or as mighty as a hurricane. It can always move you to marvelous things—if you let it. So I challenge you to let it.

That's it for this week folks.

If you want to be included in next week's round up do drop a
an Email to

(and my apologies if you did so this week -I couldn't remember the password and have to post this early as I'm off to Tallinn, (Estonia) again today.

Tomorrow I have to defend my thesis - and horror of horrors -re-take an exam on comparative religions - which will decide whether I graduate cum laude or not. Spare a prayer for me won't you? I am having nightmeres about falling at the final hurdle and will be so glad when this week is over!)

Oh and if you want to leave a comment try using this formula so we can easily skip over to the post in question:
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blessings and love, see-through faith.

PS a review of the most thought provoking novel I have read in a long time The Red Tent here.

PS II: (Mary Beth here...) There were a few nominations this week, and I am going to go ahead and post them here...Mitch says, "Every Mother's Day our church gives out flowers to people around town. Last year we gave out over 350. It's almost June, and we're still getting feedback from our last flower giveaway!" How cool is that?

Two offerings from Deb: "First a more reflective post – did some studying for my class on Feminist Theology and implications of what one of the leading theologians in the field, Mary Hines, wrote.

"And then, a small celebration! The date for my ordination is set! There will be a par-TAY!!!! (Hawaiian shirt and NO ties nor academic regalia will be required. This will be an unusual ordination – we don’t have a church building but meet in a movie theatre… and the search is on for an affordable, affirming place to host it…)"

Hot Cup Lutheran could use some help. See here for details. Maybe even more than help...

Leah Sophia shares another piece of liturgical art from her design blog.

And Sally shares reflections and photos from a walk on Sunday, and a poem reflecting on the choice that God calls us to make.



  1. Thanks stf - and blessings on your thesis defense tomorrow as well as the exam.

  2. Hahahaha, I'm a motorcycle matriarch! Wouldn't you know I'd be out of step with the mainstream? No shoes for me, thanks. Though I do wear some cool North Face hiking boots when on the motorcycle.

  3. I am really late posting. Maybe i will be better next week.
    Anyhow, stop by for moving update at Frog Blog and then check out Mugsy's blog(mnm.blogspot) about his recent illness. I love my vet!!!!!

  4. stf - Wow - what a Wednesday Festival - I know what kind of work that took to "blog hop" - thank you. Now I need to go back and visit these blogs!

  5. Thanks for your prayers everyone. The defence went well and I nailed the exam! God is good.

    Graduation next Thursday


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