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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday: Festival, Survey, and...Animals!

Three items for your interest today!

Wednesday Festival
As many of you know, Sue at Inner Dorothy has suffered from debilitating headaches for the last few years. She shares a wonderful post about her journey and hope.
John at Shuck and Jive dropped in with an article from a paper in his neck of the woods about two female Presybterian pastors in East Tennessee.
O, Brave New World! Presybterians United for Calvin Bobbleheads (PUCB) were tickled pink to see Calvin Bobbleheads at the recent General Assembly, and called for their wide release to the masses. Several alert Presby folks wrote about it, and one alerted the panting throng to the fact that the item is available through the Calvin College Campus Store online. Phew! Disaster averted.
Deb says, "The results are now in for the Flying Cow Awards (and possibly my longest post EVER!) It’s the list of movies recommended by my high schooler’s AP Language teacher for being “culturally literate” before going to college." Don't you dare miss them!
Several 'round the blogring have written about the perils faced by the people of Zimbabwe. Mavis here and here; me here, and Sally here. If you've thoughts to share, please add them (or a bloglink to them) in the comments.
If you forgot to nominate your favorite post or that of another ring member, you may do so in the comments. To add a link, use this formulation: <a href="the url of your blog post goes here">what you want the link to say goes here</a>

RGBP Blog Contributors ... Survey!!
The RGBP, Inc. Board Says: Are you a webring member who would like to get more involved by contributing to one of our regular blog feature? If so, we are looking for YOU! Also, if you are currently serving as a regular contributor to same and need some time off, or a change in schedule or duties, please let us know. Our lives, bloggy and otherwise, shift and change; and we all know how important it is to stay fresh and not burn out...please consider both sides of this prayerfully.
We are considering a new feature, a Book Talk sort of item that might run on alternate Wednesdays. This would give an opportunity to share and review what you're reading or have recently read, including links to other reviews and the Amazon listing.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please email

Action Item from RevgalBlogPals, Inc. Board Meeting
The Board of RGBP, Inc. met on Monday evening via internet chatroom, and while a formal report will be forthcoming, we wanted to share an exciting action item with you now.
You may know that all of our proceeds from our CafePress store (look to the top of the right sidebar!) where you can buy fabulous items concerned with the relative appearance of your butt and your mousepad (and others), et cetera, go to Heifer International. (Haven't shopped there lately? Go on, click on over and see what you can't live without!) Having amassed the sum of $92.80 over the past two years, we voted to round that amount to an even $100 and have given, on behalf of the RevGalBlogPals, Inc., the gifts of:
Three Rabbits

A Flock of Chicks

A Flock of Ducks

Woo Hoo! We are excited and hope you are too!


  1. Very excited!
    If every ring member (more than 300) bought one item from Cafe Press in the next year, we could give a water buffalo next time!

  2. Being from the same part of East Tennessee - although further north and west - I know both Beth and Sharon, also John. And Jim Dahlman is a relatively fair reporter. I've been trying to bring him around on gay rights for five years. If you have to be interviewed by a reporter, Jim is one of the best. He only once took a quote out of context.
    On Zimbabwe, I have two parishioners from there. Their husband/father and a brother/son are in South Africa waiting to see if they will be allowed to go home and whether they can own their land - these are white farmers. Heather told me Sunday that what we see in the press is only a small piece of what's happening there. Even though the result of the election Friday is a foregone conclusion, we need to continue to pray for all the people in that country.

  3. Songbird, thanks for bringing that up!

    Surely, folks, by now your original RGBP thong is looking tatty, and it's time to get a spanking new one! (hee hee)

    Margaret, welcome, and thanks for speaking up on the writeup and Zimbabwe. I firmly believe that what makes any crisis real for us is knowing about ONE PERSON who is really affected by it. If you should choose to blog publicly about it, it would be an honor to read it.

  4. Hooray, Heifer!

    A request: Might we get the "does this pulpit make my butt look big?" shirts in a more form-fitting cut, such as the one used for the BE t-shirts?

  5. I notice that Heifer only has a 3 star rating (on a 4 star scale) from Charity Navigator - does anyone know why?

  6. how wonderful... here's to the water buffalo...

  7. Wow. That is wonderful. Will do some shopping soon, I promise.
    Meanwhile, would be glad of responses to my wittering about words

  8. water buffalo!!! I think we should go for it. I'm going shopping right now. :-)

  9. I love you guys! Umm gals. Heifer is a fave of mine. Great choice.

  10. I posted on my blog. A special little girl needs all the prayers she can get!

  11. I believe Charity Navigator doesn't like the ratio of fundraising expenses to total budget, but I would note that their rating for Heifer has improved from 2 stars to 3 over the past few years
    We picked Heifer when we formed the group because of the appealing nature of helping people help themselves.

  12. Yes! That's very cool. I keep pointing out to my family that the "pulpit" gear would be a great ordination gift... LOL... :)


  13. Margaret! I am trying to figure out who you are! Send me a howdy!

  14. I'm super-excited about Heifer International. Nice job, guys.


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