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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday Festival

Dear Readers,

Some things that are new:

Mindy is buying a house, at long last! Hooray! Presbyterian Gal is making her a housewarming gift, and you and you and YOU can help!  Go here to learn more!!!

Silent at A Home for My Words had her baby; although she was early, they are doing well.

Some things for prayer:

Reverend Mommy has been awfully sick with diverticulitis. Yuck! Her wonderful family is helping to keep things going (daughter Chaos initially notified her blogfriends). Read about it here. Thanks be to God for medications and medical professionals. And prayers for the family whose long-anticipated vacation has been disrupted!

See-through faith asks for your prayers - for traveling mercies for her and her whole family to and from Tallinn over the next few days. She is graduating -cum laude- from the Baltic Methodist seminary there on Thursday. Congratulations! And praise be to God. After that she's flying to the UK with her daughter from there - so asks for travel mercies on that leg of the journey too - and home again afterwards of course. Thanks!

And finally some things to think about:

This week's Poetry Party can be found here.

And Sally posts a reflection on Matthew 9:18-26 concerning the woman with a haemorrhage. As well as a picture, consider the lilies .

As always, if you'd like to let folks know what you're writing, but forgot to send it in, leave a comment! 
Have a great week! 


  1. I was late writing in, but would LOVE your thoughts on this:

    I’m conducting a survey based on something that my high schooler brought home today.

    What films would you consider “essential” to be “culturally educated” in college?? What would you have your high school senior see BEFORE he or she went off to college??

    I have a list from my high school almost-senior… which I will publish. But please weigh in first!

  2. I am grappling with Acts chapter 5 over at my place.

    It's the story of Ananias and his wife dropping dead when confronted with their treachery against God.

  3. I had my baby a month ago (today!) on Mother's Day. But I just got a picture up this week.

  4. I am still in moving mode, though today I seem to have hit a bump.
    I am just tired is all, but I must keep on.
    Funny story at my place from the nail salon.
    Big hats off to these ladies for takign care of my toesys for 2.5 years.


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