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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Music Video - Be Thou My Vision

Does one ever tire of this hymn? The more I listen and sing the words, the more it becomes a part of me. Today, I went to youtube to find the hymns we sang at church today. I tried NOT to choose this hymn because it has been featured numerous times. However, the other hymns didn't have such great choices, so I came back to our final hymn that we sang as we finished worship. And I stumbled upon a video which was a young man's first attempt (or so he says) with his new video camera. I personally think he might be more experienced than he states. It's homegrown, and quite good, and speaks from the heart.

Did you sing this hymn today in church? Be Thou My Vision seems to be a favorite among many readers. What other hymns did you sing or hear today during worship?


  1. We were at the somewhat grand (robe-wearing with choir and organ) Wesley Uniting Church in Canberra and sang Yours be the glory (which even the youngest member of our family thinks is better as the traditional 'Thine be the glory'). The only Aussie YouTube of this hymn is here

  2. That was beautiful! I know that tune but not those words...(off to look in the hymnal now..)

    We sang Lead Me, Guide Me at the end, honestly I don't recall what the first hymn was...

  3. During the summer we use recorded hymn accompaniment. This morning, halfway into verse 2 (of 4) of PRaise to the LOrd, the ALmighty I somehow paused the playback. So we had a bit of confusion as we migrated from singing with accompaniment to singing a capella. All the other hymns went just fine.

  4. Yes, we did sing this today in church. It's one on my list for my funeral someday. I love it.

  5. Thanks for this one, Cathy. Beautiful, and introduced a verse to me that I hadn't known. We did not sing this yesterday - I wonder if we are on different lectionary schedules? Or just a different interpretation? We began with the rewrite of "Come Thou Almighty King" (our newish hymnal eschews kings, but still uses "reign" and suchlike); then we sang "Surely No One Can Be Safer," a new translation of "Children of the Heavenly Father," which is a favorite baptism/funeral song in Midwestern Lutheran circles under its earlier translation; and finished with "God of our life, through all the circling years" which I've always thought of as a New Year's hymn but is in the "Burial and Memorial" section in our hymnal. We are in a transition period, so I think that was the motivation for the two hymns about trust.

  6. I attended my parents' Anglican church in San Angelo. They have a worship-band-y sort of music setup, with two acoustic guitars, keyboard, electronic drums, and we had 10 voices. (I got to sit up in the loft and sing with my parents and the others.)

    We sang several old favorites from the renewal movement and some newer ones, too. It was like being back at the churches I attended in Houston and College Station...I miss that form of worship.

    We did Amazing Grace as the processional, which was a little odd...but when is it NOT good to sing that, unless you don't like it?


  7. The oldiegoodie that I never, ever tire of is Come Thou Fount. I shut my hymnal and sing it so loud that I forget where I am. Holy stuff every time.


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