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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wednesday Festival: Big News!

Earthchick is celebrating a miracle -- with a raffle! Proceeds will go to fund a spiritual renewal program for clergywomen. Go on over and check it out! and praise God for that miracle!!

1-4 Grace has posted some news from her new church. Sounds wonderful.

Sally will be heading up a Spirit of Life Festival and is thinking about the God who heals.

I have reached my one thousandth post!

Mompriest shares a great series of posts from her daughter's recent visit to their new home in the great Southwest and their travels with the family.

Remember that we are still looking for folks who'd like to join in on the regular contributions for this blog! Please let me know if you'd like to come play.

Many blessings!


  1. I need some help with a silly secret plan. Crafty or sneaky RevGals, please hop on over to brainstorm!

  2. I indeed DO have big news! My ordination is this Saturday! Your prayers are appreciated...


  3. I'm at a continuing ed event with my roommate, Skipper!


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