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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday Festival: Chhhhhanges!

It's been three weeks since Hubby and I moved to our new appointments in Small Town. We're still processing all the Chhhhhanges this move has brought us - new home, new churches, new faces, new childless status ... Phew! A lot to deal with!

"Changes" seem to be the Theme when it comes to the RGPB's Wednesday Festival this week.

Deb at Unfinished Symphony has a wonderful change in pastoral status to share with us. Congrats, Deb!

Sally tells us how the Eucharist and this conversation has changed her life.

Marie is considering the transformations in her life and inviting us to do the same.

Following Frodo ask us to read how Cheese and Jan are thinking about the changes our ministries may bring to our churches.

And speaking of chhhhanges, Katie Z is enlisting our help: "I'm trying to plan for the fall and had some inspiration! But I also need some help organizing all of the possiblities. Nominating to see if any other Rev Gals can help me wade through the waters!" You can reach Katie here.

Can we also help another RGBP out? St.Inuksuk requests, "I am asking around on how much worship preparation is done before leaving on vacation for the Sundays when the pastor is on vacation. Thought it would be interesting to see how our venerable RGBP's do it. Thanks!" Sorry, St. Inuksuk ... I don't have a place to link you for comments!

Perhaps you want to nominate yourself or someon else for the Wednesday Festival, if so don't forget to send it in with a brief statement about the nomination or feel free to leave it in the comments.

I'm going to go listen to some David Bowie now ...



  1. I'm preparing for many changes coming up, myself...
    wrote about it here.

    Thanks, Net, for a great roundup!!

  2. One change in my life is that I have been volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center. I think it is changing my life. I hope it changes the lives of the women who come to us.

    Read about it here.

  3. I've actually managed to post a few non-depressing, non-pain-related things. This doesn't happen often folks - so get while the getting is good.

    I'm out west visiting my son. There are several posts over at my place.

  4. st. inuksuk,
    generaly when I am going to be away I select hymns and prepare the liturgy/order of service. THis congregation self-supplies and the worship leader for the day is responsible for sermon, children's time (which often is a moot point when we aren't there), and prayers of the people. On occassion we have been using a service prepped by another group (eg. the national UCW, the Observer) and they include everything.

    SInce we are relying on recorded hymn accompaniment these summer months I have also burned all the hymns for my holiday time onto a CD (when I am present I just use my laptop).

    On a related note, we just do one bulletin for July and one for August to use all month. SOme places have done one for both months. Do y'all do that or create a new one each week?

  5. At the moment I'm trying to figure out how to process change.

  6. despite the fact I've hardly been writing anything recently, today my theology blog, desert spirit's fire! is 6 years old, and I figured it deserved at least a short post to mark the day.

  7. Big change coming, that I've just blogged about at my place -- Fellow Traveler and I have decided to sell The Big House and merge our belongings in Cold Comfort Cottage.

  8. Its Thursday now, but I'm looking for some input at my place. Its about funerals and vacation.

  9. St. I: We run a pretty loose ship at our place regarding clergy vacations...our worship committee usually has the hymns and any other special worship activities on the calendar, but otherwise it's pretty ready-fire-aim: "Hey -- want to do the sermon this Sunday? I'm not going to be here!" Keep in mind, though, that we have four commissioned lay ministers available to help out, so we're fortunate in that regard.


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