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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Festival: Here and There and Everywhere...

(this road is on the way to Mount Cook in New Zealand).

The RevGals and Pals are on the road this week...literally and figuratively. Read on for the updates.

Singing Owl attended the Assemblies of God Chaplains Convention, and had a RevGal Meetup!

I am preparing for my first-ever mission trip (in Cedar Rapids, Iowa) this weekend, and seeking any advice or tips you might have to share.

Speaking of trips, PresbyterianFrog has been on quite the shopping trip! Go read about all her great finds.

Katherine E. is pondering sacred space, and going within there. She shares her thoughts and some wonderful pictures of hers, here. I could get lost in this post!

Lutheran Husker is going heading out on the road for a cause. He says: "I don't generally use my blog for soliciting donations, but have made a very personal exception, as I reveal something about my mom that I haven't before made public and ask for your help in making a difference."

And as the weekend approaches? The Vicar of Hogsmeade explains it all: the road to writing a sermon.

Blessings to each of you, wherever the Way takes you! Please share with us in the comments about where your path is leading...and for the future, remember to nominate your own or other ring members' posts by emailing


  1. On Friday I literally hit the road to drive across the country and begin seminary. It'll be me, a cat, all my possessions in a Mini Cooper for four days. Prayers would be appreciated!

  2. Report of my vacation, during which nine people and three dogs shared a house for 5 days, is on my blog.

  3. My latest posts have included:
    1) pictures from making buns with the kids
    2) the account of an ursine visitor to the church which ended poorly for the visitor
    3) I am tempted to go back to school!

    You can check it out at my place

  4. We're still on the road to home consolidation...but we just did a 180 turn that you can read about here .


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