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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wednesday Festival with Fireworks and sparklers

I loved the fireworks as a kid and still do. I love playing with sparklers even to today. How about you. Today's Festival may have a few fireworks in it and a few sparklers.

Fireworks for the cute baby video at his blog Nachfolge. (Whoops I mean sparklers, fireworks are not safe for children.)

At Eternal Echoes she asks the question which might cause some fireworks amongst us. Go answer her question. And then she makes a statement for us as well that many of us could agree to. Leave some sparklers if you do.

Following Frodo blogged about the Sunday Sermon which really sparkles.

Inner Dorothy is remembering the future. (Yes, you read that right, so go light up her world with your sparkles.)

Are you into reading books this summer? Did your kid come home with a reading list? Then go check out An unfinished symphony's reading list for the Harpist this summer. Let her know what you think, you might find some that books that set off some fireworks for you.

KnittingPreacher has a new home and a new title! She is now blogging at Knit One, Purl One, Preach One . (I like the title.) Also, revabi changed the title of her blog also with her move; Its now Rev Abi's Long and Winding Road.

Perhaps you want to nominate yourself or someonelse for the Wednesday Festival, if so don't forget to send it in with a brief statement about the nomination. Have a great week! Have a great Fourth of July! Enjoy the Fireworks and sparklers!

Sparkler picture


  1. We had our family Fourth of July barbecue a few days early to accomodate our visiting can read about our menu here .

  2. I've gotten a few comments (and commented again myself) on this dilemma about the 4th of July. Anyone else interested in joining the dialogue is more than welcome. I'd love to hear the other side of the coin, but I don't know (from my limited experience around here) that I will find it in this circle!

  3. I've been contemplating over at my place: local vs. organic? Do we live in an honor-less culture now? What's the deal with the Six Flags Flashpass? and more! :-)

  4. I'm still ruminating on Abraham, as well as Lost, which probably doesn't bode well for moving on this Sunday!

  5. Happy Canada Day, and July 4th (Finland's independence day is on Dec 6th (mid winter yuck!) so a long way to go ...

  6. A couple years ago I reflected on the 4th of July as a Canadian and Mennonite living and pastoring in the US. These are my reflections...

    Just a side note that MCC = Mennonite Central Committee (


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