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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Music Videos

In the afternoon after church, I try to watch EWTN station which has a program called "In Concert". Today featured 20th century music, with two of the selection which I have been privileged enough to perform. One of the selections was Leonard Bernstein's Chichester Psalms, which is a piece set in three movements. It was a piece that took me back to my time at summer music camp, where in high school, we spent time at the local university's music school and got to sing with other like minded musicians, who ate, slept, and drank music. I remember slogging through the Hebrew (the foreign languages are always much more of a challenge than the music to me!). For more information on this piece, go here.

They were good memories and set the foundation of my love of the sacred classics. I had a hard time deciding which of the two movements were my favorite. It's a toss up between the 2nd and 3rd movements.

Here is the third movement, whose beginning dissonance melts into a beautiful melody.

Which is your favorite?

Is there a selection of music that was or has been pivotal and shaped your love of sacred music?

What music today is part of your sacred story?


  1. Today the music was just perfect--you know how it is some Sundays? at the contemporary service we sang "if We Are the Body," "Your Grace Is Enough," and "Kyrie Eleison" (the 80's song), along with two generic opening songs. It all flowed so beautifully with the message and prayers....and then later this morning we sang All Creatures of Our God and King, There's a Wideness In God's Mercy, and God Beyond Knowledge (from the Iona Community, to slane)--again, perfect! It's hard to describe how good a feeling that is, you know, when worship just flows. so great.

    Now I'm going to watch these videos and then take a nap! Thanks Cathy!

  2. How gorgeous, Cathy!

    There are a couple of pieces from my own summer music camp that were huge for me. One was a setting of Psalm 148 (I wrote about it in the second RG book) and one was a gorgeous Latin setting of "By the Waters of Babylon."

    We sang "Shall we Gather at the River"! Well received.

  3. You must have gone to MY summer camp. Yes, I am sure that's where I first did the Chicester Psalms.



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