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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Festival - Blushing Tomato Edition

Well, we have a mighty diverse lineup of posts which have been submitted this week. I think you will find these interesting, thanks to the contributors who shared their findings!

Blushing tomatoes? Yes you read it right. Find out why See-through Faith is blushing!


Mercenary Presbyter was blessed to encounter the Spirit alive and well at St. Luke's Carey Street in West Baltimore where
church is CHURCH.


Want to hear and SEE one of our fellow RGBP
preach? Well here is your opportunity to hear Katherine, from Anyday a Beautiful Change.


How many of us know more than a 5th grader? Find out about this 5th grader who delved into
hermeneutics and absorbed it.


Matt of Lutheran Husker wants to update folks on the progress of my fundraising efforts for the Alzheimers Association, since there were so many of the RevGals that responded.
The Memory Walk is still just under a month away!


Mindy is in love - do they call it puppy love?

Last, but not least.....

At The Kitchen Door submitted a post and then she decided to turn into a whole PSA Week over at the Kitchen Door, She wants to let everyone know about the very cool things people are doing to make the world a better place. Check it out here and here.

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  1. I'm struggling with the Matthew 9 passage that deals with mercy and grace.


  2. I've been posting NC pics at my place - I think it's refreshing even to look at a waterfall in a photo -- and I'm starting my field ed year!

  3. Great stuff, Cathy! Thanks! Look forward to reading these later today.

  4. I wish my container tomatoes looked half as good as that blushing tomato!

    Hey -- I have a new food blog! You can read about it over at my place .

  5. For the first time in waaaaaaaay too long, I have GOOD headache news. You can find it here.


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