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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wednesday Festival: Many things

In need of musical inspiration? The Psalmist is here! She says, "I've been blogging sporadically lately, and kept up with RGBPs only through Bloglines, but I've decided to get more systematic and productive over at my place. I've created a liturgical music planning resource and intend to have at least four future weeks' worth of entries posted at any given time, with the goal of musicians and clergy bouncing ideas and plans off each other in the comments. It's a kind of musical "Lectionary Leanings" meets musical "11th Hour Preacher Party" thing. Anyway, I hope those interested or desperate about such things will drop by and contribute."

KarlaJean brings us a guest blogger and a beautiful and tragic story of a little boy named Billy with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Mitch says, "Sometimes during a church service, we run into problems. This time, it's a good problem."

Finally, SpookyRach has been to the Big D. Not Denver, not Dubuque...those would be way too cool. Go read about how she won friends on the way into town! (Yes, there was a meetup, in an Indian restaurant which was about 60 degrees - go figure.)


  1. Good morning, all. These links are great. Thank you. Take a gander at my Weird Science sermon video. It's a summary and not the actual sermon, but I thought some might enjoy it.

    Have a great week. Tonight we watch The Breakfast Club.

  2. hey.
    Drop by my spot. You can see the vase I bought at auction. Also, one other post of interst. Sorry!
    Can't get a link going...try

  3. this isn't really something to celebrate, but I've had this weird experience this week. The house I grew up in was set on fire by arsonists. I blogged about it, because I didn't really know what else to do or how else to process what had happened.

  4. No deep thoughts or theology on my blog lately but I do have a funny photo to share.


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