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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday Festival: Sooperdooperlooper Edition

It seems like a roller coaster week out there for Rev Gals (I know it is for me!). Some ups and downs, some fun stuff, but some lousy stuff, too.

Sally is having a rough week. She and her family could use some prayers over at Eternal Echos.

Lorna at See-Through Faith writes: There is no picture of me on the torpedo upside down reading a book! Shudder~ But we did have lovely weather for the first half of the day (at the amusement park) with my supercool Godson from Scotland (who is here in Finland for a visit) and I did dip into my book - with both feet on terra ferma I might add! And a review of "I Shall Not Be Broken" by Jerry White. That's it for this week. It's back to school tomorrow in Finland. Summer is officially over :(

I've noticed a lot of bloggers have "Gone Fishin" signs up. Molly over at Waiting for the day is on vacation, and has wonderful ideas of how to enjoy it. Even better, I've noticed that she's been able to check some things off her list already.

Pop into the comments, and let us know whether you're feeling exhilarated, holding on for dear life... or sticking with the tame Merry-Go-Round... or playing Bumper Cars... you know, this analogy could go on forever...

And don't forget to send your nominations for next week to!


  1. Thank you for including a prayer request for us MrsM

  2. I'm in crazy-busy land, which I think in most amusement parks is located at the exact opposite end of the park from the funnel cake and cotton candy stands. But I do have some posts brewing....

  3. Ah... work life is the bumper cars, I think, with their chaos and busy-ness and noisyness and ultimately, driving around in circles getting nowhere.

    Personally, I'm the one sitting in the bench watching everyone else have fun. My body isn't letting me have much fun these days, and I'm grieving those losses.

    Sorry to be a downer - hey, anyone found the caramel apple stand yet? Yum!

  4. Great job, Mrs. M!

    I'm in the calm before the storm: this weekend we pick up new students; next week orientation and my new boss starts; the next week, school starts.


  5. I'm on the paddle boat, going no where fast... vacation starts tomorrow. In fact, I am so much in VaCAY mode that I popped in looking for the Friday Five!! LOL...


  6. I had been feeling a bit down, partly letdown from my birthday open house on Sunday, partly not getting a job I really wanted, partly just too many gloomy rainy days in a row. But now the sun shines and I'm counting my blessings. And after staying up late watching Olympics for a couple of nights, maybe it's OK I didn't get a job that would have required working till 1:30 am and sometimes 2:30!!

  7. Personally, I'm the one sitting in the bench watching everyone else have fun.

    hedwyg - I did that too. With my book in hand.

    thanks for the Weds festival :)

  8. I'm home with a sinus infection, pondering my unsatisfying job...and methinks my unhappiness probably affects the health of my immune system. You can read about the bureaucratic silliness I live with over at my place .

  9. Roller coaster. Very much roller coaster!

    Sunday is move-in day at the seminary. So I will finally be able to do what I feel called to do for so long: study, learn to become a pastor. I feel and know that this is the right thing to do. I am so happy and excited to go.

    So why the roller coaster you ask?

    Because I will have to leave behind a wonderful, happy and sometimes still very clingy 5 year old. Leave him at least from every Sunday afternoon till Thursday night. Four days were I won't see him will hear his voice only through the small receiver of the cell phone and won't be able to listen to his day and his thoughts and his problems. I will also leave behind a husband who till now uses to work for 80 hours per week.

    So it's an up and down; looking forward to seminary, feel anxious about leaving, looking forward.... Well you get the idea.

    In my head I "know" that this is the right thing to do. Because the Kleine Mann (our son) will learn that he is able to live,breath and survive without me and the Ringel-Husband will finally spend some time at home with our son.

    Still...up and down...


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