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Saturday, September 13, 2008

11th Hour Preacher Party: The Essentials Edition

Good morning, gals and pals! This weekend as I am farther behind than usual as I embark on "the preaching task." What about you? As I set the breakfast table and put the coffee on, and listen to news reports on Hurricane Ike, I am also reflecting on a weekend tradition of ours around here: TCM'S The Essentials. Every weekend there is a classic, essential movie, a movie like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, or Casablanca. And there is a discussion: just why is this movie an "Essential"?

Well, I can't help thinking that this weekend is a weekend for the essentials.

From Tuesday's discussion, I know we are going in many directions. Some of us are preaching on the lessons for Holy Cross, some on the 18th Sunday after Penteocst. Others have been winding their way through Exodus. And I'm sure there are many many sermon sparks out there we're not aware of: yet.

As for me, I've been thinking about forgiveness: Joseph and his brothers, Peter and Jesus, the unforgiving servant. As a Bible study participant said on Wednesday: so necessary, so difficult. That's forgiveness.

So: I've got the muffins and the coffee, the placemats and the flowers, the prayers and the meditations. It's all set for you. Will you join me on this very essential weekend?


  1. I'm here! and about to head to bed so I can get up tomorrow and write a sermon, because I've done very little so far this week. I'm definitely working with Exodus and have some ideas about moving forward in fear (like the Israelites) and having that fear transformed into faith...but nothing written out yet.

    Tomorrow will be interrupted by a few things, but hopefully I can get going relatively early.

    Thanks Diane for getting the party started!

  2. Hi!
    I have started my sermon, but it ain't going nowhere yet.
    I have apple butter, Irish Soda bread and Fair trade...also fresh fruit (pineapple, watermelon and grapes).
    Oh, I am doing exodus text, pondering the loss of lives (was it necessary) and thinking on the rejoicing over dead bodies on the beach.
    Do we celebrate anothers' loss as our victory?
    This was part of the Isralites road to freedom and God's continued guidance, protection, etc. For many, many years they had suffered under the enslavement by Egyptians. So, they had reason to celebrate?
    Not sure where I am going yet...tough text, but one of my profs at Crusty Theological Sem. said the tough texts (for us) are the best to preach.

  3. Thank goodness you have coffee! I ground my last beans yesterday.
    A full day lies ahead, with a sermon to write, a possible appointment with a parishioner, a definite meeting with the guy doing our new sound system and the bean supper at 5. I'm hoping to have a solid draft before I leave here mid-afternoon. But first, coffee. Seriously.

  4. I'm here. The girls soccer games have been canceled but I am not sure about momsoccer, which starts in about an hour. Wondering about the car we rented this weekend so I could get back and forth to church and Starman could get the girls to soccer...and hoping when I look at the draft of what I wrote "Payback Grace" might actually work not just for the Saturday 6 pm but also two services on Sunday this week. I have LOTS of strawberries from the market, and homemade hot cocoa that I am happy to share. 1-4 grace, I think we went the same way with Exodus, and it wasn't easy!

  5. hello, all. I'm up, getting ready for a prayer class for 3 year olds. Our children's ministry coordinator usually does this, but she is on maternity leave, so....

    also, only have about 1 paragraph on my sermon, which is BAD for me..

    but I know I want to talk about the Joseph story, and forgiveness about opening up the future...(for one thing.)

    I need the coffee too.

  6. Diane - I'm awestruck! Your church has a prayer class for 3 year olds!
    Though Im not actually preaching tomorrow I'm up to my ears in all sorts of other things...prayer leaflet for our schools, special services for the school and for the church (two different things) for St Matthew's day, any number of leaflets and flyers that seem to be landing on my desk...AND there's a church council meeting on Weds at Church in the Valley - for which, I suspect, the Secretary has yet to devise an agenda!
    I would almost welcome a sermon - at least it's one discrete thing!
    I have, it being lunchtime, some rather pleasant smoked chicken salad and some Fair Trade fruit juice...please help yourselves.

  7. This is the first time in a while I've been able to attend the 11HPP! It's good ot be back!

    It's house church for me this week, which is a blessing, considering everything else that is going on! We'll be looking at Romans and Matthew--it's a discussion, of course, being house church, but the themes I want to look at are forgiveness and tolerance. I love the bumper sticker/t-short with the "Coexist" using symbols of different faiths--sort of sums it up.

    Besides notes for that, I have to get the guest room ready for my mother, who arrives on Monday (laundry, find the other comforter, wash the rug, clear away the junk that I've stored in there "for the moment" for the last four months), get groceries, bake cookies for tomorrow (I'm in a cookie baking mood and I'll want to spoil myself next week), and make some difficult phone calls.

    At least I have no appointments today!

    I can offer some wonderful raspberries from a friend's garden to go with your morning cereal or yogurt...and please pass the coffee!

  8. thanks for the raspberries! they will make a wonderful edition. I just got done walking the dog; now getting ready to meet with the little ones.

    wish me luck! (3 is not my best age)

  9. I've got coffee, and my husband just made pancakes. I'd offer them to you, but I've eaten all of them! I'm preaching off-Lectionary this week about the sheep and the goats. The sermon came so easy, and that always makes me nervous. It may get me run out of town - I'll post it later. In the meantime, I have a post up about teaching Middle School Sunday School and I'd warmly welcome any ideas.

  10. Good morning, As always when I think I have a lot to do, or have already accomplished a lot, I get here and am humbled by the lot of you! I have oatmeal and soymilk and some good dark roast to offer. Your offerings all sound better! My plan is to hunker down and write like a fool until it's time to go do the funeral at noon. My hope is that there will be a sermon by the time I go. I have been finding that having a shorter leash is good for me and I can produce on a timeline (mostly). I can always come back after and tweak if I have to. I'm focusing on Matthew and using some of the ideas from Amish Grace, which handily my book club is reading right now. The Amish theology of forgiveness leans heavily on these verses from Matthew, so it's all very synchronous. At least that's the 4 a.m. thoughts. We shall see. Back with updates as they come pre (or post) funeral depending on well my plan is going.

  11. Good morning! I actually slept through the night last night, which is rare anyway, but especially since Teh Oral Surgery. I'm feeling this really strange feeling that I think the rest of the world calls "rested". Hmm...odd and yet rather pleasant.

    Busy day, and I don't even have one paragraph to build on. I have a title: "Live Together, Die Alone" (Lost fans will recognize) and a text: Romans 14: 1-12

    I have a meeting this morning of the Presbytery Committee I moderate, and my committee members are dropping like flies. I of course, cannot decide to not show.

    Oh--I have Grace Cake/Solidarity Cake/Hurricane Cake/Texas Chocolate Cake to share!

  12. Working on Matthew and forgiveness here, and under more time pressure than usual b/c I have to help get the ministry fair set up for tomorrow as well as meet the family of the baby I'm baptizing before the 5:00 service this evening.

    We had an interesting discussion on forgiveness v. retribution w/regard to 9/11 in a small group the other day, but not sure yet if that part will make it into the sermon.

  13. Good morning!
    After an English muffin with butter and peanut butter - my mother says I was the first in our family to introduce PB as a breakfast food and it horrified my dad - I've written some thought about the gospel, mostly, and posted them to my blog.
    Now to get dressed and continue the search for a new dog. Not a puppy but a dog. Penny rejected yesterday's potential housemate and I agreed with her decision. Petsmart has Shelter critters this weekend, though, so we are off to see if our new soulmate is there.

  14. Panic!!!! Have lost vital notebook in which are all sorts of essential info, including minutes of the school governors' meeting which I agreed to take in absentia Clerk...Cannot find it ANYWHERE. Have recruited calm and sensible offspring, to no avail. Prayers to St Anthony of Padua or St Jude (lost causes...that'd be me!) much appreciated. Or the notebook, of course...

  15. morning friends! (afternoon to those of you across the pond..)
    It's raining (hard) here onto our already saturated ground, and isn't supposed to stop until remnants of Ike pass us by tomorrow night. flood watches everywhere, not to mention gray blahness. But not too bad, all things considered. Has anyone heard from our friends in the path of Ike?

    I have...umm..cereal, mostly. trader joe's honey nut joe's o's! And gimme lean veggie sausage (yum). And more tea than you will know what to do with--help yourself!

    I have gotten a reprieve from preaching via a retired UCC pastor in my congregation--praise the Lord! preaching every week is NOT what I was called here to do and I think I can safely say that after 4 weeks in a row, I'm relatively certain it's not my call right now, period. Especially not with all the programs being on my watch too...sigh. So I'm on children's-time-and-praying duty this week. Any ideas how to talk to children about the Exodus story and the idea that God killed the Egyptians? sigh...again.

    I am getting a massage this morning on behalf of all you preachers/pastors/laypeople who work so hard for the body of Christ. I hope you'll enjoy it vicariously through me!

    While I'm out, does anyone need anything? more coffee? donuts? shall I set up an Einstein Bagels delivery? ;-)

  16. I'm preaching the gospel, and want to explore the "debts" idea -- Jesus uses a financial metaphor which really does seem appropriate these days. I want to tie in some headline ideas -- Freddic Mac, Lehman Bros etc -- and how does debt work in the forgiveness equation? My title is Deep in Debt. Oh, and as usual I'm drinking WAAYY to much coffee... .

  17. Kathryn -- oh no! praying for you! and Ruth -- I really like what you are saying. Makes me wish I had stuck with the gospel instead of going for Genesis. I had a little mini sermon yesterday, and when I said the debt forgiven was on the order of about a million dollars credit card debt, one woman gasped audibly. couldn't help thinking that was part of Jesus'(or Matthew's) original intention.

    I have a lot to do. Also an "invocation" for a luncheon today. And finishing that darn sermon before 5:00.

    Cheesehead, it's not much of a first paragraph...

    and I like your title.

    I've been reading about Ike here, and it sounds horrific. Let's remember the people in the Houston/Galveston area in our prayers throughout the day, too.

  18. 1-4 grace - what's apple butter?

    like the title Cheesehead

    hope you are all making progress :)
    tomorrow I visit a new church with DD.

  19. Hello, everyone.

    News we are getting here about Ike (200 miles away or so, away from his path) is that 90-96% of the people in the Houston area are without power, and are likely to be, for up to several weeks. They haven't been able to assess all the damages yet, but the flooding is extensive. Around 40% of the people in mandatory evacuation areas stayed, so they will need to be checked on at this point. Prayers are much appreciated. is the houston newspaper website.

    On the preaching front, I'm ahead of everyone a week in Exodus--working on the manna from heaven passage. Not a good week to have a stomach bug. Yuck. I have no energy for this thing. My wonderful husband stayed home with the baby two days while I was camped out in the sickroom. But he didn't write my sermon for some reason.

  20. Seethrough,
    Apple butter is basically apple presereves with actual butter.
    Apples are cooked to the point of falling apart, ground up with cinnamon, allspice, cloves and then sealed in jars.
    Lovely over biscuits or bread.
    Hope the massage was great...would lvoe to have had one too.
    Hang in there all, in 24 hours we will all mostly be done!

  21. Oh the best laid plans...there I was happily percolating along when maintenance arrived! Here to insulate my ceiling and I have to leave! Argh! So I tried e-mailing myself what I had which of course did not work (had lefr my jump drive at home by the computer). back in the car, back to the office with the drive...."scuse me just need a minute here..." Get on the computer and half the sermon has gone to ozone somewhere....double argh!!!! Good news I did find it and get it on the drive. Back into the ouring rain, and into the car only to find I have plaster on my skirt (yes they are doing that too). So now here at home ands afraid to look further at either my clericals or my jump drive. I am hoping for a whole sermon there and no further white splotches. Have to go redo my hair anyway as it went flat. Oy. Guess I need to forgive maintenance for messing with my day.....

  22. So if apple butter is apple preserves with spices,,,what is body butter?????

    As you can tell, I am in the midst of deep thought.

    What does it mean to find freedom without vengeance? Given human history, have we ever really tried to find out? OR are we much happier to sing and dance at the expense of out "enemies"?

  23. Gord...ew.
    I must admit to having accomplished not much. I took a post-breakfast nap. I went out to buy coffee, both beans and a mocha. I made a phone call for church and found I won't be meeting with the parishioner after all; then I spent time with my husband. Now I'm eating lunch.
    Fascinating, huh?
    Cheese, I like that title! That would be a good one for my congregation at some point.
    I'm basically where I've been all week. I have a title, two scripture passages to talk about and one personal story to tell, and I just need to reach that hour where I pull it all together into a manuscript.
    It doesn't help that I read a blog this week about how cheesy it is to ever use a manuscript. I loved the comments from people who agreed and then admitted they didn't have to preach a fresh sermon every week, either preached occasionally or guest-preached on a particular topic over and over again.
    Anyway, I need to write it.

  24. Checking back in...back from working on cleaning up the church basement...and now I suppose it's time to write! My one visit I had planned today has been called off.

    I love all the ideas that have been tossed around so far. The "Pharoah, Pharoah" song that was brought up on Tuesday has been bugging me ever since yesterday, and before going to sleep, a whole beginning and introduction based on the song came to me. This is rare--usually my head hits the pillow and out I go. So I hopped up and wrote it down!

    But those scribbled notes are all I have, so I suppose it's time to get going. I bring diet Dr. Pepper and Raspberry Newtons to the party.

  25. I'm getting a late start. J is off to work (called in)and I have the house to myself and the cats. We went to see Mama Mia last night and I am still dancin'.

    Now I have to do something with Holy Cross. Meanwhile back at textweek.

  26. We are enjoying a sabbath from television and radio, playing with our almost 1 year old as the skies lighten.

    My original plan was to preach Holy Cross with the appointed texts from the Pentecost season; talking about the forgiveness & grace we offer others being our response to what has been done for us. As we make plans for services without electricity, I am thinking that it is important to more intentionally and explicitly preach the storm.

  27. Tomorrow is a baptism Sunday at our place, so I frankly have no idea what my AM duties will entail. (Sometimes the Prayers of the Church get severely truncated or even...ahem...forgotten during the festivities). So I spent the morning at the Midland (MI) Farmers Market, where young Gertie the pup got into our crate of raspberries -- don't ask. Off to the gym, and then a quiet afternoon watching the U of M game and cobbling together my Prayer, just in case.

  28. oh, I've got a little over a page, which is. not. enough. since I am preaching at 5:00!!!!!

    help (she whispers) I just sort of winged it at a little communion service yesterday, and it went all right. In fact, I think people really like that, but I feel like I need to have more of a plan than that.

  29. I'm trying to decide if I will do some kind of silent reflection tomorrow or preach someone's sermon and give them the credit, or what. If I put my mind to it I might be able to come up with something, but I feel like my main task should be rest. My week has unexpectedly been about visits to doctors & the ER. I've been laid up and on antibiotics and painkillers. :P Hopefully I'm on the mend now.

  30. I'm finally able to join the preacher party! I'm preaching tomorrow at my new ministry (college campus) and am working on the several ideas - many lovely ones here too - which includes the fault (complaining) which brings the grace (healing) through horrible consequences. There's a new Joan Baez song called God is God which I'm intrigued by which ties into our 2nd reading, from philippians. Oh, and the God sent his Son not to condemn (and how we do that so well ourselves)... too much.

    I'm only on my second cup of coffee and haven't had any of that wonderful spread you all have shared yet. But, my preaching isn't till 7:30 pm tomorrow - perc, perc, perc.

    I'll offer cool dry breezes and a couple of bananas. Peace out.

  31. back from my spa morning, where I prayed for each member of the body of christ during the massage. I was thinking of you all!
    I have roasted potatoes, green beans, and corn on the cob for lunch if anyone wants some...

    Songbird, I read that blog too and must admit that I didn't read all the comments because I was frustrated by the implication that preaching from a manuscript automatically means you're disconnected from the Spirit and the congregation. But I did appreciate the admission that the original writer of the post doesn't preach a different sermon to the same people every week...

    Okay, I'm thinking about the crossing of the Red Sea--I really am.

  32. Diane -- it's not just "winging it" in a bad sense -- it's drawing on years of Bible study and teaching and expertise -- and prayerfully letting the Holy Spirit make us responsive in the moment.

  33. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  34. I've brought homemade trail mix... a peach crunch and ice cream... and chocolate chip cookies... to the preaching party... to boost the mid-afternoon blahs and writers' blocks.

    I've also posted a Holy Cross sermon here. Your comments and concerns about the sermon are welcomed.

  35. Well, laundry is almost done (four loads) and groceries are gotten; some other dribs and drabs of things...but no notes for tomorrow. And there's a Board meeting after church to prepare for too...

    Not to mention the guest room to clean! Thank goodness I'll have some time tomorrow.

    For mid-afternoon snackies I can off wasabi peas (my new favourite addiction), cheese and crackers, and Gala apples.

  36. two pages, about 1/2 to go.... winding down, but not feeling good about it, may need to change it for tomorrow.

    how about YOU?

  37. Teri, that was exactly what bothered me. Doesn't the presence of the Holy Spirit in the writing process "count" for something?
    On the other hand, I may be inviting the H.S. to join me in the pulpit tomorrow while I stand up with four words inked on my hand and hope for the best...

  38. A Preacher's Lunch:

    6 slices whole-grain baguette
    Basil and garlic aioli
    6 slices fresh mozzarella
    1 tomato from parishioner's garden, sliced
    Salt to taste

    Spread each baguette slice with aioli and top with cheese and tomato. Sprinkle a little salt on top. Enjoy!

    (Good thing the visit this afternoon got ditched, because I now have super-duper GARLIC BREATH. One page of sermon is finished.)

    And now...I hear the ice cream man!

  39. Personally, I use a manuscript - I'll admit, it does make me feel more security, but the process of writing and process of choosing words, I feel the Spirit in that. I feel God's presence as I make my notes and it's a spiritual discipline for me.

    In any event, here's what I have for tomorrow. I'm off lectionary - we're having a Board meeting and it's the only time I can be assured that all of our leadership will be there and will hear the same message! It may get me into trouble, but it's a message I feel compelled to preach.

  40. Hi all,

    Just got back from the beach. Partner and I spent the night there last night to celebrate her birthday.

    I am giving two sermons tommorrow. One at church and one at a retirement home. Usually I'd preach the same sermon but the church sermon is contextualized to my church in particular. I am mainly preaching on the Paul text.

    I wrote sermon #1 yesterday morning but it is in rough draft form. For the nursing home I'm going to revise a sermon I gave last year. Hopefully none of them had heard it before.

    I took a nap earlier, but I'm feeling a little light headed. I hope I feel better as get cracking on the sermons. Would anyone like a snack of yogurt with a butterfinger crumbles.

  41. Back with funeral done. It was very good, what a sweet family and so appreciative....but I am toast without a word in my head and need a nap.

    Re the whole manuscript or not thing...I think that people who say there is only one way to preach make about as much sense as those who say there is only one way to worship. Just how big is the Spirit of God anyway????? And have we all been not created as unique with different ways of learning and expressing ourselves? If the Good News is well-preached I've always been sort of baffled why someone should care what I have in front of me (or on my hand for that matter) while I do it. I'm just sayin....

  42. Hey,
    I brought some apple butter home from Virginia earlier in the year - y'all made me go and dig it out - and enjoy.
    9:30 in Scotland and what I have is here
    Fortunately, having only been here 5 weeks, the congregation are still very forgiving. Time for a post sermon Gin. mmm... Plenty to share - Bombay Sapphire or Tanqueray 10? Is that allowed when you're still crafting and grafting?

  43. I really can't find that notebook. Have blagged a couple of things, but perplexed as to what I'll do re governors' minutes...However, I'm going to take advantage of the lack of sermon needed in the morn and head up to bed at topish speed...leaving some very comforting ginger wine behind me. For some reason I've been feeling a bit ick this week, and ginger wine cheers things substantially. Write well, my friends

  44. Feast of the Holy Cross is finished and so am I. Now to dinner!

  45. Songbird and Teri, I would be interested to visit this blog of which you speak! Can you link, or email me with the addy?

    I am at the 1250 word point. Speaking of points, I'd better make one, and soon!

    If y'all want Grace Cake you'd better hurry. It's going fast.

  46. Well the freezer is defrosted. ANd since it was at least a year overdue for that task it was lots of frost to melt.

    I am thinking some talk about the story (highlighting the horror story side) followed by an introduction to the concept of midrash and the idea that God wept with the Egyptians rather than dancing with the Israelites. Then comes the tough one. HOw do we react when our enemies, our oppressors are destroyed?

    That should give an opening into teh whole forgiveness side too. But the focus on forgiveness will be the Children's story. Somehow. I think. I Hope.

    My worship and preaching prof once said that she figured people who preached without a manuscript were apt to give vapid empty and/or repetitive sermons over time. But I find I can't write out the whole thing until I have preached it--otherwise it becomes too "heady".

    In the end it is like most other things in life. You have to find what works best for you.

  47. cheesehead--i believe it was linked in the roundup on at least, that's how I remember finding it--i'm going to check and see, though...

  48. duh,, the post I read is here. there are zillions of comments too so you'll need some free time...and possibly a glass of wine. :-)

  49. Bythesea,
    get well thoughts to you...I am on break to watch my gamecocks...close game.
    Anyhow, I am craving pizza...chef Boyardee kind in a box!
    And a beer....
    uh, sermon...yeah, yeah...getting there.

  50. Dang, 2272 words, still too dang long, but I don't know what to cut out.

    Maybe I could talk really fast.

  51. It's an hour later. I have 1850 words. Yes that is 1850 and I don't like a lot of them. No conclusion either. I am now at work...again...the document on the jump drive that I brought from home is in little squares and other funny things. Back home we go. Sigh. I'd really rather stay here and nosh and read your sermons.But Must. Go. Cut. Many words.....and then save it in something that will come here in English and come back to print...hi-ho!

  52. I finished a draft of my sermon, am messing around with the visuals. It's working with Debt and Forgiveness. Deep in Debt. I have really started to love this parable. If anybody wants a look-see at the sermon, just email me, I could send you what I've got. I haven't started posting sermons yet.

  53. cheese, it was linked from the CCBlogs page, and the original post is at Jesus Creed.

  54. So, I clearly responded without reading all the comments, sorry!
    I'm eating a big salad and then I really have to write this darn thing!

  55. revdrkate

    would you like some of my words. i got a lot of them.

    going off to the neighbors for icecream and cake.

  56. ok, back from sermon number 1. three to go.

    I don't like it much. have an idea on revising it.

    I think I may be struggling with forgiveness personally right now, and that's why I'm having some trouble.

    but, I think I got a couple of good interpretative things in, just not sure I connected it well enough.

    I'm blathering.

    I'll check in back at home and see how everyone's doing.

    Songbird, are you really going to go with 4 words on your hand? wow.

    you rock!

    Kate, I hear you, I hear you.

  57. Good evening, preachergals! I'm not preaching tomorrow (this week I officially began my quasi-leave-of-absence from pastoral work), but I wanted to stop by and cheer you folks on.

    And of course I couldn't resist following the link over to the Jesus Creed page. Too bad comments are closed, because I wanted to write a response. Actually, it's probably a good thing the comments were closed. What a ridiculous limiting of the Spirit....

    Anyway, blessings on all of you as you finish up your preparations.

  58. Hi friends. This has been a very hard week. Much of what has happened I cannot even post on my blog...certain power-control dynamics at the parish, combined with preparations for an important vestry retreat to define our structure and how we will function together....combined with my daughter totalling her car (she thankfully is ok, as are the folks in the other car...but now she has no car, a big concern). And then something, I can't say what, with my son that has just completely broken my heart and left me feeling like such a failure...I am so terribly concerned for him, for us. Please hold us all in your prayers.

    And in and through all of that I have tried to write a sermon on forgiveness...a good theme for this week in my life...but a hard one too.

    A draft is posted on my blog.

  59. Diane, thank goodness, no! I finally wrote a manuscript, and it's posted over at my place. Phew! A lot of this I could do without a text, but I'm glad to have one.

  60. Oh, glad daughter is ok, but sounds tough on so many fronts.Prayers for all of it.
    G_G Thanks...I have lots of my own...maybe yours are better tho :)

    I am actually done. After traversing back home again and putting it in text on jump and coming back to the office...writing and cutting and cutting and writing, ended up longish but done. Off to post it, then home to read some of yours over a tall cold beer! Thanks Diane for good hosting. Blessings on all your everythings tomorrow, everyone.

  61. (((mompriest)))

    You're not going to believe this...but after a nap and watching Oregon pull their game out at the last minute...I'm done! There are a few things I may tweak before printing, but I've typed the final Amen and feel good about the other 1434 words.

    Think I'll read a few other sermons and then grab some dinner and a shower before I do the final tweaks.

  62. (((((Mompreist))))
    I have sweet iced tea (Decaf)for all southerners and those who wannabe Southern...
    also have WW sherbret with vanilla center bars. only one point!
    key lime, passion fruit and strawberry.
    Also have vanilla skinny cow, as Teri's grocery store has all the mint ones!

  63. 1-4 Grace:
    Thanks for your healing thoughts. I have more of a description of my week on my blog. A friend saw my bishop today and let him know what was happening and he called me at home this evening to check in and strongly recommended I stay home tomorrow to keep on the mend. So even tho' I was going to suck it up and go and feel a bit whimpy for calling in, in retrospect I see it would have been more tiring than I was probably accounting for, and I respect my bishop's wisdom and authority. So arrangements have been made for them to worship without me tomorrow.

    Prayers for Mompriest, I'm sorry you had a hard week. And prayers for peace, guidance, and inspiration for all of you sermonating - you all rock! :)

  64. Mompriest,
    been there with both kids. There now with daughter. You are in my prayers as is your son. Remember that our job is to love them unconditioinally. That doesn't mean letting them get away with stuff but it does mean being beside them as they suffer the consequences.
    Remember Julian. She was right.

  65. (((mompriest)))

    It's so hard to preach with so much on your mind. God give you strength and may the Spirit lift you.

    Both sermons done and printed. Going to bed now. Gotta stop playing games on facebook. Way too addicting.

    God be with you all as your finish your sermons.

  66. I am VERY late with getting this sermon going. This week has been consumed with the adventures of housebreaking a 7-week-old puppy named Sadie. I've been reading and re-reading all those training books that remind me that I need to be the "alpha" leader. I wonder if, as the alpha leader, I could assign her that chapter to read. She was doing well for the first few days, but today has been a bad behavior day right from the start. (Hard for me to criticize, though, since I've been known to have a few of those myself.)

    If I were preaching on the forgiveness texts, I could say a lot about puppy training. But we're doing Holy Cross tomorrow, so I need to get very serious about this in the next twelve hours.

  67. I'm back for round 2. Needs a little organizing, and just a little transparency. I feel like I've used all my good forgiveness stories, like the one about the mom in my first parish whose son was beaten up by two boys who stole $2 from him (fireworks money). He was laid up all summer with a terribly broken leg, and this poor mother said, "I know I should forgive them (the boys), but how can I?"

    but I think I've told that one.

    I can think of times when I haven't forgiven someone, but not stories about times when I haven't forgiven someone (if that makes sense).

    oh well, here I go again.

  68. also want to say ((((Mompriest))))
    really really really praying for you with all my heart.

  69. Oh, mompriest. I'm so sorry for all those things. Many hugs to you.

  70. The theme of forgiveness opens us all up to vulnerability, doesn't it? My prayers are with mompriest and all who struggle with LIFE right now. I preached this already, but thought I'd join in the sharing here.

  71. thanks for sharing, Diane. Is anyone still out there? Because I want to go to bed, but I think I still have a little work to do.

    let me know if anyone is still working, and would like tea, or ice cream, or .... something.

  72. Diane,
    Still here, still working...not as easy as I thought...ideas not pouring out of me so much.
    And dang it! Last week was communion. So I need more words this week.
    I will be around a while.

  73. Oh and may I just say that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey on SNL were in a word, " Brilliant."
    I am just guessing that Tina Fey was one happy girl when Sarah Palin was introduced. So close, so funny, so "real."

  74. Oh! I wish I had seen it.
    that Palin woman.

  75. They were quite funny.
    I'm going to hit the sack, hope those of you who are working can turn in soon!

  76. I'm turning in now. It is what it is.

    I'll leave the lights on for you.

  77. just stopping back in to say good night, and thank you, everyone. It is such a blessing to be able to share this burden that I've carried, unspoken, through the vestry work and leadership. Yeah, I had my game face on....but tonight I could let it go a bit. thank you for being the place and the community where that was possible. Blessings, all!

  78. Good morning everybody,

    Got my sermon, got my coffee getting ready to rehearse it again.

    Here's a little coffee to get you all going this morning.

  79. Alright, preachers of the Word, let's get out there and do this thing!
    those who are not preaching today, pray us on through

  80. OMG, SNLs Palin Clinton skit is so funny.

    I linked it on my blog here

  81. yes, everyone who is preaching: let's get out there and walk those dogs!

    And prayers for the Holy Spirit for all, for your worship, prayers, preaching, singing: everything.


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