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Monday, September 29, 2008

A Hoppin' Autumn Meet and Greet

(is it a plane? is it a bird? No! It's a grasshopper on the windshield of my car... a sure and certain sign of fall) (oh, photo from mompriest's files)...

Fall is here and with it all the busy-ness that comes with a new church program year, the return of snowbirds, and the renewal of Christian Formation programs! Whether you are busy at church, or seminary, or work, or home with kids... it is a busy time for the Revgals! Please take a moment from your hoppin' crazy schedule and welcome each one of our new members!

Kim at random thoughts. Housewife is one of the identities that I now carry (and that makes me kind of crazy), but it's usually what society sees first. I'm also involved with worship design, media & tech at my church, teach tech at my son's school and I'm a newly activated activist and writer. As advertised, my thoughts are random and sometimes I write about faith.

Niwaki at Odyssey. Odyssey = spiritual or intellectual quest. I am realizing more and more that every day is a journey...marriage, motherhood, ministry, friendship, does it all fit together?

revmk at mary kay. Discussions and thoughts about the lectionary, devotional thoughts, and just life!

beach walkin' at life's a beach. Stories about my life... as a person and pastor... and my blessings and struggles with both.

Sunday's Coming at: thinkingaboutpreaching. A minister of the United Reformed Church in the UK blogging her thoughts leading to the sermon/reflection for each Sunday, based (usually!) on the RCL lectionary. Initially meant as a forum for discussion among our 'team' of lay preachers, it is also proving useful for people who can't get to church to keep in touch.

A new Josephine at: left turn at joy. I previously wrote at Snow on Roses but became a Postulant in the Episcopal church in June, and moved to Texas to start seminary in August. A new home, a new start, a new ministry, and a new blog to go with it.

Lutheran Julia at: faith grace and hope. I'm a brand-new Lutheran pastor at a small church in Anchorage, Alaska. My blog is mostly devoted to my theological musings on current events, devotional ideas, church seasons, saints and sinners.

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  1. Thanks for this, Mompriest! I am excited to meet and greet these new folks...though it'll probably be later today.

    Blessed days to you all!


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