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Monday, September 01, 2008

Monday Meet and Greet


Well, it's Labor Day and I am sooo tired. It was a long weekend for me, for many others too, I imagine, as we head in to the start of the program year.

That said, even as I write this I am also holding in my heart and prayers those who are fleeing from the hurricane(s) and hoping that some how this one will pass gently through the night (or day) and spare this country the suffering. (I know...I have serious "Pollyanna" tendencies - but I like to think of it as "hope")...

So, as I (we) watch the news, pray, and try to rest, take some time to meet our newest members and give them a grand revgals welcome.

Diane Woods Sponheim at Joy Will Find A Way She says her blog is about: Straddling the worlds of parenting and pastoring ... seeking peace and joy along the way.

Strong As Death: strongasdeath. I’m finding that love really is stronger than anything.....I’m a 42-year-old seminarian at Episcopal Divinity School. I began this journey in 2005, was named a Postulant (meaning that the Bishop gave his assent for me to continue in the ordination process) in 2006 and have been doing some seminary work part-time up to now. Last year I resigned from my job teaching French and Spanish at a large public high school and I’m anticipating 2 years full time at EDS.

Mperiodpress: consider the lilies. She describes her blogs as: I grew up wanting to be a writer-librarian and got my wish! I have been a member of an international congregation of Roman Catholic women religious for the last ten years.

PB: ckpastorbrad. He describes his blog thusly: I am the associate pastor at Christ Lutheran Church in Byron, MN. I hope to share with you here some of the things that I am thinking about, that I'm challenged by, that I'm curious about. I hope this can be a place for us to encourage and challenge one another in our faith, so please add your comments.

Shiftworker: Picking Grapes She describes her blog: I'm a seminarian, pursuing an M.Div. and ordained ministry. My husband, children and dog are all along for the journey.

A very hopeful and joyous welcome to our newest members....may you find this community to be a blessing in your lives as we will surely find you to be in ours.


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