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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Music Video: Tallis

Today my church sang the lovely Thomas Tallis anthem: "If ye love me, keep my commandments."

Let us know what you sang in the comments!

May you have a blessed and peaceful Sunday afternoon.


  1. I love this one, Mary Beth! Sang it in the Basilica Schola at Notre Dame and as a quartet for a friend's wedding on Pentecost weekend....

    We sang "Draw Us in the Spirit's Tether" and a lovely one, new to me, to the tune of "All Through the Night": "Go, My Children, With My Blessing."

  2. For some reason I'm not getting the video. I'm using Chrome, though, so will try again with Firefox and then just go to Youtube and look for it myself.
    Anyhoo, we sang "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore You" and our Hymn of the Month, "In the Midst of New Dimensions" by Julian Rush, Director of the Colorado AIDS Project (and UM minister). Our new interim minister began today. During Communion the choir sang the beautiful "Not One Sparrow is Forgotten." You can find it sung by the Dale Warland Singers on their final album, Harvest Home -- which I highly recommend. BTW it rained like a banshee here last night! Neither the dog or I slept well, I could really feel for people in the South who've had it much worse.

  3. Just wanted to say, I tried Firefox and it worked fine. It seems odd to me that the things Chrome has trouble with are also owned by Google (I've had problems moving photos in Blogger and now this with YouTube.)

  4. we sang Sing for God's Glory (to lobe den herren), Gather Us In, and Be Thou My Vision. We also had two fun sung responses: In The Lord I'll Be Ever Thankful (Taize) and Praise, Praise, Praise the Lord (Cameroon). The choir was AMAZING today, singing A New Anointing, Creator Rhythm, and Love One Another, plus Ubi Caritas (Taize again) during communion. It was a musical day! I also did my first baptism today, fun!

  5. Our hymns were "The Day of Resurrection", "I Come with Joy" and "Jesu, Jesu, Fill Us with Yrou Love".

    Our choir did a lovely job with a very lovely setting of "Amazing Grace" and soem traditional introit/response pieces: "Let Us Now Rejoice" and the Lutkin benediction. A nice day.

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  7. We had our 3rd annual Scottish Festival this Sunday, although since I just started in January it was my first. I was skeptical about this whole event, not because I'm against it, but because it felt like it wasn't coming together at all. Boy was I wrong. It rocked. I enlisted a (US) seminary classmate of mine currently in Scotland on her husband's engineering sabbatical to find me a good hymn. She got a friend of ours from Britain who studied with us for a year to help, too. They came up with a BEAUTIFUL hymn that shares the tune of the Skye Boat Song. I can't find a recording with the hymn words, but here's a hauntingly gorgeous recording of the Skye Boat Song. It was awesome with the lowland pipes and piano accompaniment. Gorgeous.

    Of course we also did "Be Thou My Vision" - my all-time favorite hymn (a close second being Come Though Fount).

  8. Wow, Teri, you get to do a lot of music. That's fun. Aren't baptisms the best? I could do it every week and it would never get old. I can probably say it's my favorite part of ordained ministry.

    This may be sacrilege, but I'm not a HUGE Taize fan. I'm just not contemplative in general, but those two are my favorites.

  9. Thank you so much for this post, I love Tallis and this particular piece. What a great way to end a Sunday evening!

  10. Hooray for this (and all his music) so much that one of our cats is named for him. Sadly I believed my computer when it said that I hadn't used a particular file since 2004, so when it told me to delete the file to create space on an overloaded hard drive I did so. Now I have no sound...ever! And even my amazing geeky Hugger Steward is powerless to restore it. So I sang to myself and will find the CD later and think of you.
    We had All Age worship in the morning...some really rather suspect numbers, but the Peruvian Gloria (might blog about that)...and finished with We have a gospel to proclaim", which I love.
    And now it's Monday. On we go...


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