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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Wednesday Fall Festival

This week is Oktoberfest in my city in September, go figure. I can't wait, now if I can only find time to go.

But here it is fall almost and another special Wednesday of writings from revgalbloggers. Join me in reading their wonderful posts;

Eternal Echoes has some good news..(yea!). Then she shares with us two poems; The first is from Monday’s lectionary reading elizabeth greets mary and the second inspired by the poetry party over at Abbey of the Arts called In patient anticipation (Thank you, and I just want to know; Are you talking to me? The picture however says it all.)

And by the way, Abby of the Arts invites you all over to the poetry party (It's the 23rd party, by the way, and you all are invited.) She has an image and a suggested title for you to use. (I must admit, even I am intrigued by this one, I am coming over, won't you come too? Let the party begin!)

Following Frodo has been musing about the nature of humanity. He wants to know are we truly totally depraved or naturally good? (Why, don't you help him find the answer.)

LutheranChik has had some sadness with the loss of one of her pets. She wants to know if any of you know of any Pastoral resources for for the death of a pet -- books, short family-friendly liturgies for the graveside, etc. She thanks you ahead of time! Go offer her your thoughts and help her with some the resources. (LutheranChik, I have lost several myself before we moved and had to have funerals for them as well, my thoughts are with you. I'll see if I can help, we just winged it with ours.)

Well, well, Sarah Palin is not the only one making the news these days, our own anglobaptist was interviewed for the Chicago Sun Times. Go over and catch the news at Conjectural Naval Gazing. (Congratulations, and I know you will be sending out autographed articles real soon, be sure to include your revgalblogpals. But inquiring minds want to know if you have a 'bridge to nowhere?')

Mitch Ross brings us this; Our church membership directory has a warning statement on the inside cover. It says, among other things:"Please do not use these phone numbers and addresses for sales solicitations, sales parties, or dating purposes."He then asks the question; Does anyone else have "Directory Dating" problems? :) (Well, all I can say is fiddle-dee.)

And last but not least by a long shot, drum roll and trumpets, "Here comes the Bride..." Our own very own gallycat has tied the knot! Go wish her congratulations! Here are some pictures of the beautiful bride and handsome groom. (Congrats gallycat, we are so proud for you, I'm even tearing up with joy for you.)

Ya'll enjoy your day and enjoy the Wednesday festival offerings. Remember to send in your nominations for next Wednesday's festival to
Wednesday Festival . It can be one of your posts or some one else.


  1. Oh, great job Abi! Thanks so much to you and all who nominated!

    Apparently the real Oktoberfest in Munich is also in September, because it's too darn cold to sit around outdoors drinking beer in Germany in October!

    I once attended an Octoberfest in Oklahoma City in late October and must say I agree. It was FREEZING.

  2. I think my "directory disclaimer" post was a duplicate from last week. If you want something different for this week, try this one: how I prepared my 3-year old for his first plane trip.

  3. Great work, Abi.
    I love the fact that Oktoberfest is in mid september!
    However, in your part of the world (as not the case with MB) it is still blazing hot in September.
    Great post/link today.


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