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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday Festival: This and That

Sally shares a narrative reflection and two good news stories. She also shares this post, which, she says, "may be of interest to anyone who wonders what we get up to in the rural parts of the UK."

Hedwyg says: "I'd like to nominate this post on my blog -which arose from a search string that brought someone to Practicing Intentional Gratitude. I've been wondering what a bible intended for someone with a chronic illness would look like, or perhaps a bible written by only people who struggled with a chronic or invisible illness. Everyone is invited to suggest stories, parables, quotations, or other bible pieces in the comments."

Christine invites us to another Poetry Party at the Abbey this week, in celebration of the equinox:

Here is what PS has been thinking.

Cody asks for our input on a recent post.


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