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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

what's up ?

Is there anyone out there still doesn't know what RevGals&Pals is all about? Please do skip over to read what Katherine from anyday a beautiful change says so well.

I know that RevGals and Pals are out there writing a lot of great posts - but there were precious few entries for the Wednesday Festival this week! So, I want to remind you that not only can you nominate a post of your own, (send it to but when visiting the blogs of those you read and enjoy - especially if something particularly catches your eye or your heart - then please send in a link so we can all get to enjoy it too!

One such blog for me this week was the 23rd poetry party hosted by Christine over at AbbeyoftheArts

Doesn't that picture just speak to you? Check out the poetry waiting for you here.

It's autumn already (for most of us that is - those of you living down under will just be coming into spring and I for one am envious that your days are getting longer just as our are starting to get shorter - but I digress ...)

Autumn in this part of Finland means that the university students move back into town- and this year (for the first time ever) I climbed the tower of the cathedral in Turku, as part of an outreach to international students . The climb was hard (and I wasn't sure I was going to make it at one point!) but the views were stupendous and so I was really glad I did. I met some very nice people too!

So what are some of the other RevGals and their pals up to this autumn?


Deb took time out to encourage us to take an hour out of our busy schedules (along with a group over in facebook) to read the Gospel of Mark in one sitting and then blog about it. She did so here.

and KnittinPreacher will be back at church after an extended time away this summer and wonders how anyone else has made the transition back after an extended leave?

As we were short of entries I thought I'd check on the gals who usually do the Wednesday festival round up and see that they have been blogging about recently.

Cathy is writing about goose eggs
Mrs M over at the kitchen door has been struggling a bit and here's why
pink shoes seems to have lost her mojo or else she really is out kayaking?
widenening circles has had her head in the clouds (well almost!)
Rev Abi posts her weekly prayer here
net's been southern bound

As you all know MaryBeth writes regularly and last I heard she had a houseful because of hurricane Ike - but her blog (and others who have typepad) and my computer are having issues - so you'll have to skip on over yourself to see what's cooking ...

Finally, if you are looking for something different to read ... may I recommend

Three Cups of Tea: One man's mission to promote peace ... one school at a time
? I blogged about it here It's an amazing testimony of how one man is making a difference in the lives of children (particularly girls) in the areas and forbidding terrain of nothern Pakistan and Afghanistan that gave birth to the Taliban.

And don't forget our very own Choral Girl will be leading a book discussion here next Monday on Kate Braestrup's true story. Here if you need me

That's it for this week.

love and blessings
see-through faith.


  1. I'm looking for a little help on post #700 over at my place!

  2. I also read Three Cups of Tea and recommended it also in my blog awhile back at signs-along-the-way.

  3. Hi all I had a really busy day yesterday and din't get my post sent in on time, you can read about it :

    I am also synchroblogging again! this time on maturity...

  4. thanks all of you - they are interesting posts (I just went to check them out)

  5. I wrote on this book earlier this year... it was one that made me think deeply about passion and focus and purpose. It's getting passed around to my fellow staff members. A hugely important read!


  6. Thanks Deb. I think so too. It greatly impacted me at least!


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