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Monday, October 13, 2008

Musical Musings - Labyrinth Music

The other day, I blogged about praying the Daily Office, and trying to find ways which helped to make it work for me. I received a comment from someone who mentioned that another RGBP blogger had blogged about something similar on the same day. In addition, she recommended a web site in which she used at work to pray the Divine Hours.

However, it led me to another place on the web site (and that is what surfing is all about, right?), which caught my interest and landed me here. They had a labyrinth link, so I followed the link. I'll be honest, I have only walked a labyrinth a few times. However, the times that I did, I felt like I needed music to accompany me on my journey. On this particular page, I heard some peaceful, calm music which caused me to relax and feel a sense of tranquility. I needed to find out where to hear more of this music. A link on that page landed me here. Martin Gregory offers meditative music to calm the soul, to reflect, pray, or walk.

There are a few resources for music specifically for walking the labyrinth. Music to Walk the Labyrinth offers 47 minutes of calm synthesized music to accompany you on your walk, or quiet time.

I found this labyrinth walk on Youtube and thought I would share it with you.

Is there a labyrinth in your area? If so, do you use music to accompany on your walk? Share with us your labyrinth experience(s). Share with us the music you find gives you that sense of calm, peace, and tranquility.


  1. Thanks Cathy. I really like the links you provided and have used the Shulman CD many times.

    This also prompted a post about my walkings.

  2. Love, love, love labyrinths! I have posted about a very special one here

  3. Wow. I just posted a picture of a labyrinth and a "mental walk" I took last week when I had reactions to the flu shot. I have never used music. I've just used breathing and silent prayer.

    I've walked a labyrinth twice. Once was outside on a brick-path one. It was really quite lovely, but because I was with others, I felt like I had to "hurry up and finish"... (Suggestion: make a pact with anyone you go to a labyrinth with... that you meet some time later at a coffee shop or something without a time locked in. I wanted to write after my walk and couldn't...)

    The most recent experience was last spring at our church's prayer and fasting retreat. The photo on my blog is of that indoor labyrinth. It was quiet and peaceful and I was the only one on it.

    Just for fun, here's a worldwide labyrinth locator if you are in the mood to take a walk...


  4. There is a labyrinth in a public park across the street from our local hospital. The space is beautiful, and I've shown it to people, and explained it, but I've never taken the time to actually WALK it myself.
    The comments here have motivated me to make use of a taken-for-granted opportunity. Thanks!

  5. I love to walk labyrinths. My favorites: Chartres, the one mown into the grass at the Jesuit retreat center at Guelph (ONT), and the one bordered by rocks in the grass at our (now sold away) Presby camp center -- both of the last two especially at midnight under a full moon.

  6. Theres a nice one about an hour from me, but I keep thinking it would be nice if we painted one on the church parking lot.

  7. I just wrote a bit about the one and only time I walked over at my place...over here

  8. Thanks for this and timely. We just dedicated our labyrinth this past Sunday.

  9. I love labyrinths. In fact, I love them so much that I have a tattoo of one that you can see here, and I told the story about it here. I have never walked a labyrinth to music, though. At our denominational camp, though, there is a small labyrinth made of pine straw, rocks and pine cones, and when you walk on it, it makes the most wonderful crunchy noise under the feet.

    Thanks for the posting!

  10. I have a special playlist on my iPod and computer called "Study Worship," and some of the songs are featured in a class we teach on Solitude. They range in style from gospel to classical and old to new. Some favorites:

    Clint Brown "Alone"
    Sarah Groves "Hello, Lord"
    Clint Brown "Keep Me In Your Reach"
    Norah Jones "Humble Me"
    Out of the Grey "Three Beautiful Words"
    Shane & Shane "It is Well"
    Shawn McDonald "Have You Ever"
    Superchick "Beauty From Pain"
    Eden's Bridge "Refiner's Fire"
    Charlie Peacock "Now is the Time For Tears"
    Charlie Hall "Nothing But the Blood"
    Barlow Girl "Surrender"

  11. Thank you so much for sharing all of these - perhaps we should have a more in depth posting on labyrinths!


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