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Monday, October 06, 2008

RevGalBookPals Shout Out!

In this season of campaign shout-outs and put-downs, here's a thought: let's read a book together!

On Monday, October 27th, RevGalBookPals will feature a discussion of Shane Claiborne's Jesus for President, led by Jan Edmiston of A Church for Starving Artists. Jan is a longtime member of our Ask the Matriarchs panel, but this will be her first time posting at RevGalBlogPals.

You'll find a link to our Amazon store in the sidebar. Keep up the shopping! We hope to be offering some scholarship aid to the Big Event 2.0 using our Amazon Associates income for the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2008. Every time you buy from the RevGalBlogPals Amazon store, you add to the scholarship fund.

Hope to see lots of comments on the 27th!

Monday Meet and Greet will return on the 20th.


  1. just a thought but ..

    didn't the profits (like from cafe press) go to a charity /support

    not that I think suppport for someone to attend BE 2.0 would be wrong ... but just wondering when and how that decision was made

    (we're still waiting to see if we can get credit to REVGALS from the site ...any news on that?

    I really enjoyed the earlier Shane C. book btw ... hoping that I can get this one too. But let's see.

  2. No, there had been no prior decision about where the profits would go. The board took up the matter at its recent meeting. Prior income from Amazon was included in our assessment of our ability to fund the BE 2.0, but since we had not included 3rd and 4th quarter income from Amazon in those projections, we decided to respond to the request that we consider a way of offering scholarships.
    I hope this helps.
    Cathy will have to answer about the UK site, this is her area of interest and responsibility.

  3. Seethroughfaith! Sweeten up! You are cracking me up! I read your comments wondering if you enjoy coming here.
    This is not a business site.
    RevGals are a volunteer organization of very busy women and men. The blog writers work overtime to provide this site with postings each day.
    We are a group of pals who do the best we can for everyone.

  4. do we have November or December books? just asking....

    I actually like the scholarship idea, but I have all these books, so I'd be looking at going through amazon for the next ones!

  5. I've got the book (from library) (again) - plan on reading up on it this weekend!!


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