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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Slowing Down Wednesday Festival

As we move from summer into fall, I'm definitely slowing down a bit. I think you might be, too, and so this is a sluggish Wednesday Festival Week.

Rev Scott is on the move over at Nachfolge, though. He's doing a CROP Walk this coming Sunday with a group of campus ministry students. Head on over to support them! He also has some good thoughts on the vocation of parenting.

It may be a walking week, actually, because Ciona over at A Thing With Feathers is doing a walk, too.

In completely unrelated news, Cheesehead's haikus made me smile, and they also made me think. Remember Dolly Parton's great line in "Steel Magnolias" about laughter through tears being her favorite emotion? She would have liked Cheesehead.

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