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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Afternoon music video- Take my life

We sang the traditional version of this Hymn in response to the sermon today, it was very moving. I like this version too though, I enjoy listening to familiar lyrics with a contemporary twist, it makes me listen afresh.

How about you what did you sing in worship today? What moved/ challenged you? Let us know in the comments.


  1. we didn't sing this hymn, but it would have been perfect! I too love it, this version and the traditional...

  2. We focused on light today (Thessalonians passage and a bit of John's Gospel) and had "Siyahamba (We Are Marching in the Light of God)" 5 times! Once by the bell choir, once by the choir as introit, sung in a simplified version by us as a hymn and offering response, and organ postlude. Plus, an anthem based on "This Little Light of Mine" and congregation sang "Immortal, Invisible." We also had white paraments for some reason. We Congos do what we want with that stuff, I guess.

  3. Love this one.

    Our organist died this week so music was touchy today. A member of the congregation played the piano, some old-familiars. She was a good choice for today. We'll see how things progress through Advent and Christmas.

  4. oh hip2b- that is difficult and sad, my prayers are with you and your congregation at this time

  5. We had confirmation and our bishop was there. We had our friends from the Lutheran church choir down the street come sing "Zadok the Priest" (and all other music) with us. It was very impressive, if I do say so. We packed the loft!

    We had sung that piece with them in their annual BachFest in early November. I can't wait to go sing at their church sometime!

    We also sang a David Haas anthem, "Without Seeing You,"
    with cello and clarinet as well as organ accompaniment.


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