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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wacky Wednesday Festival

Maybe you are not feeling wacky today, but I am!
I can only wish I were as prepared for the Thanksgiving holiday that those of us in the US will celebrate tomorrow - as these friendly beasts seem to be!
The Reverend Mom is blogging about Advent and consumerism again, and is joining a conspiracy! I think you will have a good bit of company there, Anjel!
Molly's friend Adam had a challenge: a Twitter of faith. How would you respond? All are welcome to join in!
Lutheran Husker reflects on an American Humanist ad campaign using Santa to question God. Check it out. Also, he brings us in on an announcement and a birthday gift for an old friend and mentor of sorts.
Mitch says: "Our city has its yearly Christmas parade the Friday beforeThanksgiving. The parade route goes right past our church's front door. What do we do? Give out over 500 hot dogs and over 500 cups of hot chocolate!" Sounds yummy!
Back to Thanksgiving food, which looms large in my mind with the folks headed to my house tomorrow: Songbird shares a reflection on her mother and cooking from a favorite cookbook.
and...looking ahead to you'll see in the right sidebar, the RevGals are hosting a Virtual Advent Retreat on Monday, December 1. Many of us are posting this invitation on our own blogs and inviting others (bloggers or not) to join in. I look forward to this time of reflection with you all! I had hoped to take the day off for it, but HA, I have meetings all day. That's the beauty of a virtual retreat - I will participate later in the day and the evening. I encourage you all to come along for the journey in a way that works for you!

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  1. I put up the words to a favorite "thanks"-giving song...


    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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