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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We all have a dream

Martin Luther King had a dream - and this past week in the USA saw more of that dream become reality. It (and a whole lot of other things including going to the Willowcreek GLS in Helsinki last weekend) has got me daring to dream again - to think outside the box and dream about how church could be. What if we got it? That thought excites me and I'm glad it does!

Today's Wednesday and it's time to welcome you to this week's Wednesday Festival. The RevGal and Pals ring is getting huge. There's honestly not enough time to get to know what everyone's blogging about anymore, so before next week do send in a nomination to to let us know what God is doing in your life /or in the life of those whose blogs you read so we can have a great round up!

Thanks to those of you who did nominate a post of your own (or someone else's). I also skipped around the ring (using the Ringsurf feature) and found some cracking posts. Here are just a few that really caught my eye or my imagination. I just wish I'd had more time to dive further in.

Around the ring ...

Reverend Mommy has made November a month of being grateful. What is God doing in your life right now that you can give thanks for? I was thankful for her beautiful pictures of sunflowers -since the weather here in Finland is frankly awful right now. Go grab some sun!

The caffeinated priest writes of a world that is about to turn

Mike's calling for witnesses

Hip2b's been having another manic Sunday. Hip2b is expecting any day now - please remember to pray for her C-section delivery (scheduled at thanksgiving)

There's optimism and hope over at the swandive

purpletologically speaking (don't you just love that name?) is on the edge of things

while Ivy is having a defining moment

Oh and there's another Poetry Party at the Abbey! What's inscribed on your heart? Come join the fun, come read the beauty over at the Abbey:

I've never seen the Vietnam war memorial in Washington - but the vicar of Hogsmede pumped me up with this post about it. November 11th was rememberance day in the UK. Many around the ring wrote about war heros and memorial services, but Kathryn over at Good in Parts reminds us of what many of us have forgotten: it's 70 years since Krystallnacht and the start of the genocide we now call the Holocaust or Shoah. May God have mercy on us for standing on the sidelines then, and on numerous occasions ever since.

Over at eternal echoes offers us an uncomplicated story of God speaking through prophets. This might be of use at a Christingle service or something. Thanks Sally!

There's another of her posts I want to draw your attention to in the world but not of it it's part of a syncblog on leadership and I found myself reading many of the other (non RevGal) entries. Fascinating!

And for the record I also loved this post over at work-in-progress

Which brings me neatly back to where I started. We've been given a dream, let all of us here in this ring work towards it. Be blessed!

Edited to add this great post from Diane. She's no trouble


  1. I also found this great article recently:

    While it is satire, i thought of it when you asked the question - what is your dream for the church.

  2. I wrote about
    Veteran's Day (or Armistice Day as a Scot in my office yesterday called it).

  3. Hi Katie Z. Isn't that article great :)

    MB I'd forgotten it's called Armistace Day in the UK. (Been in Finland too long I think)

  4. Me too, thanks for the shout out. Love and miss the ring, think its time to say hi and bounce around a bit again! Much love.


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