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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wednesday Festival: Grace, We've Got It

Greetings, friends far and near! I know that Americans, and our neighbors the world over, are probably joining me in gratitude that the US election campaign is finally over!!

No matter your perspective on the winner of the Presidential and other races, I believe we can be proud of our country today: proud of our voting numbers, of our young people participating, of people taking advantage of their right to voice their opinion - a right which so many the world over do not have. My prayer is that we all can now join together for the improvement of our country and our world.

In Wednesday Festival Land:

Michelle at Quantum Theology says: "I'd like to share two reflections on the graces of anointing - one on my experience of being anointed, and one of Kathryn's posts of the effect of being the one laying on hands in the annointing (and posted the same day) that I loved."

Scott at Nachfolge tells us: "Hey, all, It's my 700th post at Blogger - I asked for seven questions and answered them all. Congratulations, Scott...may there be 700 times 700 more!

I think that Mitch probably speaks for all of us when he says, "In a complete diversion from the election chaos, I've got another grumpy posting. This time I'm getting cranky about Control Freaks. Really, the vast majority of people I meet are very nice and wonderfulpeople. It's just so much fun to talk about the... interesting...people I meet. :)"

Deb shares that "This week I am learning not to have “hurry sickness”. I’m taking a special tutorial from 3 of my household on this subject…" (Ed.: I love this and have bookmarked it to return to often. I feel so relaxed just seeing photos of the three Teachers.)

And Quaker Pastor sends us her reflection on voting and taking her teenager with her to do it.

What are you writing and thinking? Please share it with us in the comments!


  1. I wrote an open letter to Sarah Palin over at my place. (And no, it's not all snarky, even though there is some advice in it.)

    Watching her last night brought back some memories for me, and helped me understand my strong feelings about her, based on our commonality.

  2. I have posted a recipe for chciken on my blog. Go on over and have a taste. It got approval ratign from three people.

  3. I've been doing alot of reflecting & reporting on our All Saints/All Souls services and was surprised by joy at one of the latter

  4. I posted a prayer for the President elect here


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