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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve Wednesday Festival

As we bid adieu to the old year today, and turn to the new year of the calendar year, this is the last of Wednesday Festival's for the year. Join us today for some profitable reading, thoughts, poems, sermons, essays, you name it from our talented writers. And may I say I hope that this last year has been overall a good year for you. And if it has not and instead has been full of pain and suffering, I hope this next year looks up for you. And remember you are not alone as you are a part of the RevGalBlogPals.

So here we go; Eternal Echoes invites you to read Poems inspired by another blogger's photos . The photos and poems are quite good. She also invites you to take a look at her reflective pictures of Norfolk, and of a Winter sunset. They are beautiful pictures. And she invites you to pictures of Winter walk at Wells-Next -the- Sea. Thank you for having us along on your winter walks and thoughts.

Have you ever aspired to be the Hostess with the Mostess? Well Quotidan Grace offers her tips for Aspiring Hostesses with the Mostess. I'll remember these next time more show up for the dinner than I planned on.

Quantum Theology invites you to read their reflection they wrote for their diocesan paper. It was written after they began to wonder just what things Mary might have been pondering in her heart (as Luke's gospel would have it). There's a sequel about the snarky teen-ager in the temple coming, they suspect! Go have a read of the well written Poor Gifts.

Reverend Mom actually had her Christmas sermon done early this year! She preached it at St. Luke's Episcopal, Franklin Square in Baltimore at 5:00PM on Christmas Eve. The sermon is titled God Through the Back Door. Go let her know what you think, and maybe it will be a inspiration to us for next Christmas. Well done Reverend Mom.

Scott Johnson has written an interesting piece about books that mess with your head. He had been doing some good reading lately, but it’s stuff that plays with your head a little bit and he wanted us to know about it. M-m-m maybe these are books we need to consider for our book club or maybe some of you have already read some of these books or will add them to your books to be read list. Either way go let him know what you think.

I have written a post about some of my thoughts on the Golden Canon of Christianity Today highlighting their top 10 Leadership books. I have some questions and ask for people's thoughts on these books. Go have a read and let me know what you think.

Now I bid you adieu last year and look forward to the new calendar year.

You can add your own entries in the comment section as well. And as always you can email us your entries for next time to
Editorial Cartoon by Steve Breen at Darry Cagle's Professional Cartoonists


  1. Thank you, Abi!

    I ask your prayers for two of our members who are mourning:

    Singing Owl's mother
    passed away on December 28, and Gord's grandfather this morning. May they rise in peace and rest in glory, and may God's holy peace envelop their loved ones.


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