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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunday Music Video: Come, O, Come, Emmanuel

What did you sing in worship today? What music is filling your heart?


  1. We sang hymns about John the Baptist, Wilderness hymns....

    I can't wait to sing Emmanuel and Lo He Comes.....maybe next week...

  2. One of my Advent favorites: Comfort, comfort ye my people. Oh, and People Look East. Plus related Messiah solos--long but beautiful.

    Also an interesting Sanctus to the tune of O Come O Come Emmanuel, which we're doing each week this season.

  3. Mass of Light with a haunting sparse Agnus Dei...

    And Lift High Your Gates with an all male schola...

  4. we also sang Comfort Comfort--my favorite Advent hymn. I was happy!!

  5. We have a new organist, and his specialty is "sprightly!" Also Bach! I am happy!!
    We sang "Comfort, Comfort," which has almost never sounded better to me, and "On Jordan's Bank," but I also gave them a Christmas hymn at the end of the service, just because I like to do it. (Ssh, don't tell the Advent police!) It gave us a chance to hear a big hymn on the organ today, which was super. It was "Angels from the Realms of Glory."

  6. John the Baptist Sunday, we sang "On Jordan's Banks the Baptist's Cry," one of my favorites. I'm still a relatively new Christian (13 years) and the only version of this hymn that is familiar to me is in the Lutheran Book of Worship. My organist, who grew up in a Congregationalist tradition and became Roman Catholic when he was married 33 years ago, found 'our' version foreign to him. It was interesting to me!

  7. Thanks MB. That's my favourite advent hymn ... hoping we'll be singing it on Tuesday at our 9 lessons and carols service. It's on the programme usually every second year.

  8. One year two small Texas churches asked me to preach for them during the Advent Season. The first one had an older lady who played the organ
    V E R R Y slowly.
    We sang O Come O Come

    E man U L

    I thought we're never going to finish this hymn.

    The second church in the yoked parish had a woman who played the piano.
    OComeOComeEmanuelThatRansomed CaptiveIsrael...
    If you took a breath the whole verse was gone.

    We live I hope somewhere in-between.


  9. We are singing OCOCE every Sunday this Advent. Along with other things, of course. :-) Advent is not always observed in AG churches but we do because I love it. Just singing Advent hymns would be going TOO FAR, so we also sang The 1st Noel and Hark the Herald Angels Sing, since I was preaching about the shepherds.

  10. Michelle and Sophia -- would you please send me the Sanctus and the Mass of Light???


  11. We also do OCOCE every Sunday at the Gospel - a few verses each week.

    Bobbie, LOL! It can be an awful dirge, no?

    Songbird, so happy about your new organist!


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